How to stir fry money after the fire currency exchange withdraws the mainland users?

Why is firecoin the largest customer in China exchange One, would rather return the goods than close the customer?
I personally think there are several reasons. First of all, they are always optimistic about the development of the later stage of the blockchain, so they can’t get off the table.
Second, fire coin also has operators in China, so withdrawing customers is only a matter of rights and interests. If overseas normal operation, if the future policy adjustment, he will open again at any time. Customers previously registered in mainland China do not need to re register to continue to use. This also happened in 2107.
3. What is the real reason and background that the State forbids speculation and makes it illegal? In depth interpretation is nothing more than maintaining stability, social stability and financial stability.
How will the next form evolve after mainland users clear fire coins?

I expect the following changes:
1. More and more people will pay attention to decentralized exchanges. The volume of capital transactions will increase rapidly. As a result, from yesterday to today, token prices on decentralized exchanges rose against the trend. These former large centralized exchanges may also become their own chemical exchanges in the later stage.
2. The flow of some small and medium-sized exchanges will further dry up, and a round of reshuffle may occur.
3. I think the bear market will be very difficult if the United States continues to release water. Therefore, the core should also pay attention to whether the Fed will continue to reduce bond purchases and whether it will continue to release interest rate hike expectations. Of course, the policy impact is phased and does not affect the normal operation of the blockchain project. Therefore, blockchain projects can participate, but we must distinguish how to serve the society and improve social progress in the later stage of the project itself.
Today is 25 days away from December 31. In this period of time, we can think of many ways to solve the storage and trading of digital assets in our hands. Don’t panic or be afraid! Calm down and find a way out. When someone saw that Qian an and OK didn’t make an announcement, they thought they should transfer their assets to it quickly. Here, I want to say, don’t worry. Firecoin has released documents. Other exchanges are hard to say. If conditions permit, register one and prepare for it, but don’t turn around. The service charge is a small matter. I’m afraid you’ll turn around. You’ll turn around in the future.
In addition, in this case, don’t put your assets in some small exchanges, rather in a cold purse than in a hurry to see a doctor. Xiao Bian suggests that you can transfer the assets in fire currency to a net, Sydney, okex exchange, currency security exchange or your own wallet.

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