How to use Bitcoin to fight Al Qaeda and ISIS, change the balance of power

nnnIn recent times, the encrypted currency frequently appeared in cyber attack news, for which the US House Act 2433 called for a terrorist assessment of the virtual currency. However, it can not be blamed for the dollar because the blackmailers are required to pay the same amount of dollars, not because hackers require the use of encrypted currency to blame the encrypted currency. And block-chain-encrypted money and money flows are tracked, so you can use encrypted money to track terrorists.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nUS House Bill 2433 (House Bill 2433) is currently in the Congressional voting stage. Today’s vote continues, and the bill calls for “Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Intelligence and Analysis” to assess the threat of terrorism in the virtual currency. Rep. Kathleen Rice noted that the bill was a response to the recent Wanna Cry blackmail software attack.n
nAnd he mentions the latest report of the Center for a New American Security, how virtual currency escalates and how it is used frequently by terrorism and must take action to control it.n
nThe outcome of the bill will be to assess the extent of the threat before the Deputy Secretary for Intelligence Analysis of the Department of Homeland Security, and David Glaine is currently evaluating the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.n
nAl Qaeda is a US-made databasen
nAlthough the report refers to the possibility of individual attacks, but its focus is the threat of ISIS.n
nBut let us recall what ISIS is and how it starts to finance.n
nISIS is derived from Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is related to bin Laden and 9-11, but what is Al-Qaeda and ISIS, respectively?n
nI think that Al Qaeda can be seen as a database.n
nIt is a terrible idea to think of our enemies as some individuals scattered on the edge without “single point of failure”, even if our enemies are not in the Cold War countries. Al Qaeda was nothing but a number of individual databases that the United States had supported in the 1980s, when the war broke out in Afghanistan and the United States provided dangerous weapons to the Afghan rebels. The Cold War marked that we no longer wanted to be an alliance of Afghanistan, which could lead to bin Laden’s revenge. In either case, the “database” from our weapons-backed person becomes the enemy of the United States after 9/11.n
nI am not going to say that Al Qaeda does not exist, but that it is not called the United States as a demon Muslim fundamentalist organization, because the Middle East residents said that the West let our lives terrible. Al Qaeda does exist and is “made in the United States.”n
nDigital currencyn
nSo Obama has been criticized for not having to control ISIS from Al Qaeda, and a multi-year report lists the main sources of funding for terrorist institutions:n
nnContribution of the Persian Gulf richn
nKidnapping and extortionn
nTrafficking in human beingsn
nExtortion, taxation and checkpointsn
nControl of natural resourcesn
nOil smugglingn
nnIndeed, Osama bin Laden’s followers did not use large-scale use of virtual currency to launch terrorist attacks. In fact, the ISIS three-million dollar financing in 2014 is related to ISIS’s expansion on the Internet. Does it mean that we need to stop the dissemination of information to control ISIS?n
nTechnology is like a dollar, no moral heart, use depends on the intention of the holder. Will you blame Einstein for the invention of the atomic bomb? Of course not, just as you can not blame the restaurant because of your belly, because the restaurant only provides a recipe, is the food network spread the delicious brownie.n
nGlobal death tolln
nI love Einstein’s favorite words:n
nn”The problem we face today is that we can not solve the same way of thinking that creates these problems.”n
nnWe can not put the virtual currency back into the bottle, just as we can not put the Internet back. If so, what are we going now? Will you read my article?n
nThe fact is that the total number of deaths in the global war is declining, less than in the past. The two world wars are terrible massacres, but the Internet age has reduced that number.n

nYes, ISIS is the head of the inhuman, unacceptable beheading, but its attention comes from so much information gathering that mistakenly makes us believe that ISIS members look at Twitter in your car’s trunk.n
nn”Then the base organization is the database, you are still reading; guess how people say Bitcoin, it is also a database.”n
nnYes, this is what we are excited to provide tokens and encrypted currency, the market value has more than 100 billion US dollars. So if Al Qaeda is a database maintained by US intelligence agencies, ISIS is Al Qaeda 2.0 (Al Qaeda 2.0).n
nThen if the block chain is “Bitcoin 2.0”, we should start joining the virtual currency wallet supplier and the exchange. The public as a collection of social intelligence, ISIS members or individuals to find the way to buy Bitcoin.n
nThe future direction of the bitcoinn
nJust like the flight has a list of surveillance, we can give these people a list of surveillance, as in the bank account needs KYC review, access to Bitcoin time also KYC review.n
nOnly the block chain in the background operation, the terrorists do not know. And the use of bitcoels determines the extent to which the threat increases.n
nWhere will the future of the bitter currency go? How do you spend Hidden coin! Let the terrorists transfer funds, track the block chain found to take away these funds, perhaps ISIS will be a chain of clean clothes.n
nInstead of controlling the threat, but as Don Tapscott said, use the obvious advantage of all-inclusive books to see who owns what. And if the terrorists are buying Bitcoin in a royal store that does not strictly follow KYC’s arms store, like all smart mousetraps, let the terrorists take action and fall into the trap, maybe when this person spends a bit currency, The policeman ran into the store and caught him before the terrorists hurt him.n
nCurrency circulationn
nLook at the Silk Road where you can buy anything, and the site sponsor goes into jail. Kathryn Haught has helped us quickly catch the corrupt cracklers in the Silk Road mission to take $ 25 million in bits.n
nThe FBI agents could have eliminated the traces of the transaction through the traditional banking system, saved money at the point of sale, and raised it in the personal bank account. But FBI agents did not expect the block chain to leave a trace of data, similar to the facebook, collar and Twitter to collect our data, leaving an irreversible trajectory.n
nThen the purpose of this passage of the House bill should not be “to control the threat of virtual currency”, but to open the bit currency test and monitoring possible, and once it falls into the hands of the bad guys, may have a negative impact.n
nn”Virtual currency will not make terrorists more comfortable, but make it more difficult.”n
nnSo the solution is to connect the domestic well-controlled central database to the 21st century to the center of the database, which can track the virtual currency holders, holding time and manner.n
nDo not control the virtual currency threat as a way to stop the terrorists, why not turn our monetary system into an “anonymous transparent system”, expose more terrorists, rather than invest, see the war caused by the continued decline in mortality.n
nSend hidden bitcoats against terrorism. Because the future David Glaine will become deputy director of the Department of Homeland Security Intelligence Analysis, will be responsible for the analysis and writing of virtual currency reports, and submitted to the US Congress.n

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