HUAWEI block chain technology patent application

HUAWEI block chain technology patent application

 HUAWEI application block chain technology patent (1)

According to reported, according to the State Intellectual Property Office Tuesday released the latest patent Apply Said, HUAWEI The company applied for a patent for invention, which can be called by Block Chain technology, support P2P content distribution network authentication function.

This patent It is submitted for the first time in August 2016, when the parties launched a download request through a peer-to-peer network, the system will be their private key, or matching license and verification information for access to content.

根据该专利申请透露,只有在验证请求在区块链上达成共识之后,内容才会被允许下载。 华为公司称,这项 technology 的本质,是一种保护通过点对点网络传播数字内容的知识产权解决方案。

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