Hubei Jingzhou sentencing “bitcoin fund” case of network marketing! Two men were jailed for seven years

Financial IQ tax recently learned that Hubei province Jingzhou City Intermediate People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the court of second instance) sentenced to bitcoin fund “in the name of the case of network marketing. The man in a trial period were sentenced to seven years and fined 30 yuan.

In 1 2017, Hubei Province, Jingzhou city man Xia Moubo learned that Zhaotong city of Yunnan Province Zhou officer on the Internet sale can set high buy bitcoin robot software, selling low see profitable, they offer Shiguan week to build bitcoin fund trading network platform to raise funds, and then use bitcoin robot software for profit manipulation.

They agreed to bitcoin arbitrage funds for projects, build a named “BTC fund” platform. Subsequently, Xia moubo wantonly release of the platform of financial products advertising on the network, and the establishment of WeChat group, Zhou Mouguan sent by the false video group platform profitable, to attract investors. With the identity of others incorporated in Hubei Hong Kong Special Intelligent Technology Co Ltd.

During the operations of the platform, investors through APP software in higher members recommended to register as a member on the platform, the minimum investment of 100 yuan to buy the exchange integral, integral on the platform bitcoin arbitrage fund products.

The fund product is divided into a period of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months period, the period of 3 months is not integral, integral period of 6 months from the purchase of fund products to 10% of the principal amount, integral period of 9 months with the purchase of fund products 15% principal, 12 points month donated 20% of the principal amount of the purchase of fund products.

Members can buy fund products every day according to 0.1% of the principal to 2% of the proportion of fund dividend points, can also recommend others to join the investment platform to recommend membership points rebate in certain proportion of the investment amount is recommended, recommended generation can get 5%, second generation can get 3%, third generation can get 1%.

In addition to the above high rebate, the platform also set up a fund manager, fund managers, fund manager, fund president four level, each level reaches the prescribed conditions, can obtain the total performance of the 0.5% to the 1.1% awards.

After May 20, 2017, BTC fund platform funds strand breaks. In June 11th, Xia moubo et al announced BTC platform needs maintenance and upgrade, temporarily stop trading. In June 29th, BTC fund platform has been unable to log on, with notice that the big boss of Yunnan has run away, the dissolution of the WeChat group.

Verified by the police, “BTC fund” platform is divided into 5 levels, the amount of investment of up to 586 million yuan, the amount of loss of 460 million yuan.

7 2018 13, the Jiangling county court in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, to commit the crime of organizing and leading MLM sentenced Xia Moubo, Zhou officer the years in prison and fined $300. After the verdict, Xia Moubo, Zhou Guan appeal.

In October 15th, the court said that the trial verdict, the facts are clear, the applicable law is correct, legal proceedings. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, rejected Xia Moubo, Zhou’s appeal and upheld.

Reminder: this kind of capital disc MLM scam, there is no real project, relying solely on the development of pull the head member, profit from. Early investors, if timely cash can earn much, after investors are doomed to lose everything. Financial IQ tax

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