Huffington Post: The future of block chain investment

nnnRampage comments: encrypted currency and block chain technology development momentum unabated, Bitcoin and the price of the tower square again and again hit a record high. This technology seems endless possibilities, the emergence of a large number of new start-ups, attracted venture capitalists are also buying block-chain technology. But since the beginning of this year has been sought after a new investment model – ICO, or will slowly catch up with venture capital financing model. But in any case, the application of block chain will undoubtedly promote the fourth industrial revolution.n
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nRecently, the encrypted currency has always created a lot of lively atmosphere, Bitcoin and the price of the ether square square again and again hit a record high. Even the Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and JPMorgan Chase have incorporated technologies such as the Tower and Block Chains that support the concept known as Web 3.0 into their strategic roadmap. Recently, these companies have also joined by some world-renowned enterprises, as well as start-up enterprise chain chain innovators composed of corporate ether square federation (EEA). EEA provides resources to help these companies use the etherfront to solve “specific industry use cases.” These companies have always wanted to cut costs, and block chains can help these companies achieve this through faster financial transactions or more efficient supply chains.n
nThis technology seems endless possibilities, the emergence of a large number of new start-ups, so venture capitalists are also buying block chain. I talked with Thomas J. Carroll, chief information officer of Avant Global, and Avant Global is a business consulting firm that invests in start-up with its own capital. Avant Global is an early investor in the chain-chain start-up Ripple, a payment platform for real-time financial transactions that gained strong momentum in its early stages of development. Its customers include many global banks such as Bank of America, UBS and the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).n
nCarroll talked about his views on the investment block chain,n
nn”Venture is also buying, because the chain has the potential to subvert the far beyond the field of financial technology, but most of the attention is concentrated in the field of financial technology.It is exciting that the block chain can be implemented in which Many small and small companies are now evaluating the cost-effectiveness of the transition from conceptual verification to the emergence of shared infrastructure, one of the most unique and essential applications will be in the government sector. Of the legislators have set up a ‘block chain core group’ focused on ‘sound public policy based on block chain technology and digital money’, and we have also begun to see leanness on a global scale, from smart Dubai This is considered to be the world’s first project to implement the technology within the city, and the block chain may eventually become the government of the government, which will be a lot to be seen in the project with IBM and the global chain-chain expert ConsenSys. The basis of change.n
nnAlthough the effectiveness of the chain chain in some areas is still unknown, but no doubt, the block chain has caused a sensation and attracted the attention of people outside the world chain chain enthusiasts. Earlier this year, in the South By Southwest Conference (SXSW), which was always the focus of the news, the block chain was one of the hottest topics, and the long queues in the conference group were crowded. Last month, hundreds of people gathered at the Ethereal Summit in Brooklyn, New York, where they attended group meetings that gathered world officials and industry leaders, including Rosanna Chan, head of the World Bank’s chain chain, and former Prime Minister of Haiti, technology entrepreneurs and blocks Chain User Laurent LaMothe. At the 2017 consensus meeting at Coindesk, Abigail Johnson, Fidelity Investment Group Chairman and CEO, recommended a public block chain after announcing new integration with Coinbase to expand its customer base.n
nBlockroll is not surprising that Carroll is attractive to industry companies, governments around the world, and full of curiosity. “As an investor, I am looking for solutions that are problematic in the new paradigm, allocating resources in new paradigms to save time, innovate and create cross-industry value that can be used on a global scale. Have this potential. “n
nHowever, venture capital firms bet on the chain at the same time, the initial digital currency issue will slowly be eliminated. Coindesk’s study found that in 2017, block-chain entrepreneurs raised $ 295 million through venture capital financing. In the same period, ICO has raised so much money since the beginning of the year.n
nCarroll said:n
nn”It is interesting to witness that the initial digital currency issue continues to raise funds for the robustness of the project technology, which is a good way for companies to get money from people who are looking for and trust the development of the network. , Perform a due diligence because prudent investor time will lead you to a conclusion.n
n”But there is no doubt that the application of block chains will drive the fourth industrial revolution.”n

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