Human greed, ensanguined bitcoin

At the end of 2017 years, bitcoin is still $20 thousand high of 10 bitcoins overlooking the world, can buy a Mercedes Benz S500 car, 100 bitcoin can buy Sanju room in Shenzhen. But since the highs, bitcoin price is plummeting, stumble endlessly, at present to 4 thousand dollars accessories, price has shrunk 80%. Once everywhere can mining, worthless currency scene, instantly become as trassient as a fleeting cloud. “Blockchain three bloody words more and more like the pronoun” speculators “or even” fraud “.

In the 2009 year, $1 will be able to exchange the 1309 coins, all asset bubbles in history. In front of bitcoin. A few years ago are now more than the bitcoin, are miserable. During this period of bitcoin soared during the 16 to 17 years, the national mining era, then bitcoin soared, driven by the mining industry, also triggered a bunch of copycat coins prevailed. At that time the popular: go to Inner Mongolia in winter, summer to Sichuan. However, the final result, bitcoin does not create wealth, but the wealth transfer. This coin circle, burst out from time to time billionaires, the rate of accumulation of wealth, than the real bank, what are the clouds.

Bitcoin price roller coaster, sent the foam on your face. And Holland small people identical 400 years ago, people’s bitcoin lever stud, 90% are in the 95% block of follow the trend of speculation, probably even the meaning of the chain can not see. It’s all because of greed. In the coin circle, from time to time because of the bankruptcy Dutch act but no one jumping, pay close attention to this information, we pay more attention to the wealth effect of businesses.

Speculation is not recommended, but this does not mean that can not touch the bubble, the prices of goods can not be unlimited expansion, bubble always dashed when the sky will not fall. Stop the biggest enemy of human further run in the explosion of technology on the road, is the man himself. Greed can make mass madness. Mad people, will eventually lose reason.

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