Huobi Prime TOP: the first dialogue project Li Lin 80% of the time to ask whether the landing project

 Huobi Prime TOP: the first dialogue project Li Lin 80% of the time to ask whether the landing project In March 20th, fire currency announcement that the fire station will be in Singapore global currency on March 26th officially opened fire coins (Huobi Prime), the preferred channel that user to choose scarcity and quality project (investments). At the same time, the fire coins released the first online Huobi Prime platform project — TOP Network.

The daily planet Odaily had deeply introduced TOP Network, this time, in order to let everybody first close contact with the project and the ongoing “Huobi Prime”, We once again on the TOP Network CFO, co-founder and CMO Noah Wang visit .

In the interview, Noah introduced the latest progress of the project, namely TOP Network test network 2 has been on the line, supporting the development of intelligent network contract, will be on-line in June. In addition, Noah also introduced how the team of Huobi Prime and Huobi Prime, after the line plan etc..

In the interview, the TOP Network is not very understanding readers can look at this.

TOP Network is a “chain” project. The team had developed a distributed communication network and based on the three communication application (has 60 million registered users). This network uses P2P communication and storage technology, breaking the traditional client / Server Mode in the network center, let each have idle bandwidth / hard disk as client server services to other nodes, but also can be cheap or even free to use other nodes of the service, lowering the efficiency significantly.

In December 2017, TOP Network based on the public to build the chain, to let the system to achieve complete economic model of central, autonomous, so that all developers can use the network independent. A good bottom, developers can through SDK and API call the TOP Network communication services, quickly create and run a message, voice, video, Proxy, CDN, DApp communication network data transmission etc..

As of now, TOP Network has completed all private financing. Investors include distributed capital, Dan capital, NEO Global Capital, Ontology Global Capital, with capital, Tao capital, Tsinghua TEEC Fund, Dream Fund, Hikvision (networking solutions provider) founder Gong Hongjia and Jing Yuan capital founder Wu Yongming.

The founder of the team, Steve is the world’s largest Internet service provider WebEx meeting the earliest one of the employees, has created a video conferencing software, Sheng Wei, was acquired by HUAWEI in 2010. CMO Noah MBA at the Yale University, served as financial and insurance group Starr, industrial and Commercial Bank of China and PWC management positions, has ten years of experience in investment and financing.

The following is the interview:

“High wall, wide grain, slow kings”

Q1: we talked in September last year, when the project took $6 million cornerstone round of investment, the latest progress of the project now is what?

Noah: now the test network 2 has been on the line, and intelligent support contract, up to 8000+ TPS. In addition, our main will be launched in June this year.

Q2: have its own application run on it?

Noah: this, we will soon announce a great to the center of communication App.

Q3: at present, your focus is on what one? Market, brand? Get the C end users and developers? Or the technical breakthrough?

Noah: in considering the development, our team has expanded to more than 130. Of course, the Huobi Prime we will make as much as possible of the Huobi Prime users to share the development dividend. What do you do? Is the project ground as soon as possible.

Q4: after six months of development, you have experience and what new experiences? Do the chain, difficulty landing where do, which is a very important?

Noah: from the operation and the terms of the market (Note: Noah is mainly responsible for this work), we take is actually in ancient China that “high wall, wide grain, slow kings” way.

Before a long period of time, the circle of friends have advised us to say there are a variety of small market opportunities, is actually a kind of noise, we have screened, focus on the development and application of technology on the floor.

But before we mainly in overseas development, so in the China market is no great heat.

But now get more recognition, either from the trading platform or investors. The project really do a solid, naturally spread out.

“Hot spot is short, we see the long-term effects”

Q5: before you plan when a coin? In this currency is to see the latest IEO small climax? The choice of Huobi Prime have what opportunity?

Noah: a coin just as our entire project development in one step. We think TOP communication with the fire coins as the first Huobi Prime project is a win-win opportunity, so I decided on.

There is no fancy IEO this trend, we just pay attention to. But Prime IEO is not on fire coins, money channel but a secondary market, we see the fire currency partners and their active users to do the decision.

The majority of the world’s hot block chain is short. Do we see this thing is not to have a long-term impact. For example, the choice of exchange quality, it is not like we have a common goal, is not able to communicate with long-term cooperation, is smooth.

Honestly, we and Li Lin, and the fire coins team communication is very smooth, from the heart can feel the Li Linhe team can stand on the side of the project point of view to consider the issue.

In the course of contact he is more concerned about practical things, such as your technique is not really what when landing, landing. During a meeting with him basically in 80% of the time is spent on these issues, rather than commercial terms.

Li Lin said that an important reason for our choice is our solid team, are perennial work in the industry and traditional industry veteran. As our partner Steve has set up fourth companies, I have been in the financial industry over the past ten years, a team of experts inside there is cryptography and communication aspects.

Q6: the fire coins mentioned in Huobi Prime mentioned in the first place, lower market delayed the development of many high-quality projects, the direct impact on what do you have?

Noah: we have always felt that the blockchain market over a period of time for us downturn is a particularly good thing. It gives us plenty of time to do research and development projects, the market is not so much the impetuous factors. We All to in inside the industry, must believe that the long-term development of the whole industry, the whole industry is now at the bottom, then only go up, we still look forward to the future.

“We are certainly not ‘cut chives'”

Q7:Huobi Prime launched a hot. But stir into the market calm period, there will be worried about the cut chives infamy?

Noah: first, objectively speaking, on-line Huobi Prime did increase Pinxuan exposure. But this time we do not have any Prime prospectus, Token transactions not from US investment institutions from the community and some of the early rounds.

Secondly, we must not cut chives, after the market will verify this point. Fire coins can bring us as the first project of Huobi Prime, but also have enough confidence to do it for us.

For Huobi Prime, I believe that a platform fire coins so big, certainly not to cut chives, or to some small profit to do this thing.

Q8: after Huobi Prime, when the other exchange? You should have a lot of users in the United States, so it is in the local currency exchange plan?

Noah: so, the Huobi Prime we will as before, we will not put money as the focus of our work.

As for how much exchange at what time the thing before we are completely without the roadmap, because you asked me this question, first appeared in my head.

Of course, we do not rule out the possibility of cooperation with other exchanges, but we’ll qualification it, then we will consider the exchange, right?

As for the United States Coinbase such exchanges, I believe that the future will have contact with them, but at this stage and I just said, no contact and other exchanges.

“Li Lin in the US spent a lot of time”

Q9:Huobi Prime mentioned in the announcement does not collect coins on a fee, but there is a package of services, including consulting and marketing, want to ask the service charge? What do you think of the Huobi Prime price?

Noah: we are really not a penny out of this, I can give you a guarantee.

Their service is Li Lin and colleagues involved in the project in the US spent a lot of time, provides suggestions on the development of many projects, is such a good thing.

But I believe that money should be fire to find better platform for their users, and also for the project to provide a better access to fire currency users the opportunity, I think this is their starting point.

Q10: Huobi line Prime is equal to more than 100 exchange line fire coins Global and fire coins cloud cooperation?

Noah: now only determine at least fire currency Global. Fire currency of South Korea, Japan, fire currency HBUS also actively contact us. The fire coins want to do compliance exchange in the world, so we must ensure that this project is the compliance of the project.

As for the exchange of fire coins cloud collaboration, we (and no fire currency) in this regard discussed.

Q11: what is Huobi Prime on the positive side of the project? How many items can or want to use this service to the future?

Noah: is the first time we go on-line Huobi Prime this process, experience is very good, with the fire coins each team and all the staff are in close communication.

I believe everyone should want to get angry. After Huobi Prime here for what we didn’t contact with money. Step and frequency speed on their currency, how will the second or third items, or only one, I don’t know. See the fire coins his plan.

The daily planet Odaily: finally, thanks to TOP Network and Noah share!

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