Hyperledger Fabric Block Chain Release Software Candidate Version

nnnHyperledger Fabric recently announced the launch of the official version of the software, will further promote the release of the official version of the software work, shows the fabric is steadily moving forward, so that investors peace of mind. At the same time, in recent weeks, IBM announced the relevant project information that people’s demand for the fabric more and more urgent, so the release of the candidate version also hinted that the staff is working to accelerate the software development.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nDevelopers of the open source Hyperledger Fabric block chain project have released the official candidate for the software.n
nThe software is an independent enterprise distributed book code library incubated under Hyperledger, and its candidate version was announced on June 26 through the project’s public mail, making the software a step closer to the official version 1.0 release.n
nJonathan Levi, the founder and head of the project, is the publisher of HACERA, a chain-based start-up company, calling it a call for people who are eager to use the software and proving that Fabric is “more and more” The official release phase is progressing steadily.n
nLevi explained that the software is currently available through code and documentation to prevent any major problems from appearing.n
nLevi told reporters:n
nn”If you invest in proof of concept, it is time to make sure that the fabric is done with what you need.”n
nnThe release also confirms Hyperledger Fabric’s progress in the beta release earlier in June, which tests the stability and availability of software by freezing APIs and project code.n
nLevi also said that its goal is to enable start-up companies, businesses and other potential users to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the candidate version in order to be formally launched before the best collection of feedback on the software development.n
nHyperledger was announced in December 2015 and now has more than 130 members.n
nMany of the members of the alliance, including the world’s leading large enterprises and HACERA and other start-up companies, has used the software, making the quality control is more important.n
nIn recent weeks, IBM has revealed that it will use Hyperledger Fabric to create a trade finance platform for seven European banks and a stock exchange pilot in South America, both of which demonstrate the need for a new version of the software.n

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