I bought a bitcoin at $20 thousand, now every day always on tenterhooks

In bitcoin soared to nearly $20 thousand, Some people swear never to touch the bitcoin, and because someone Dutch act in advance to sell bitcoin, and in consumer loan debt cannot fill the pit……

Last December, the United States launched the largest CBOE options exchange bitcoin futures, so this has been crazy bitcoin prices continue to push up, within a week rose 20%, and in December 17th broke through the $20 thousand level reached the highest price of $20888 in prehistoric times.

In bitcoin close to $20 thousand, then the investment research firm Standpoint Research founder Ronnie Moas said: “since the beginning of July I recommend, bitcoin prices have risen 500%, I expected from current levels will rise 500%, the ultimate game of bitcoin will be $300 thousand to $400 thousand, becoming the world’s most valuable currency. “

At the same time, domestic bitcoin heat also reached the highest value, various V, block chain media swarmed, everyone agreed that bitcoin can also go up.

However, the market trend is to everyone’s face swollen. From bitcoin nearly $20 thousand has been in the past 8 months, BlockBeats has 3 story block rhythm to share with readers.

When I was in the $17131 to buy bitcoin

Udayan, the California software engineer, when $17131 to buy bitcoin.

As a software engineer, Udayan learned that bitcoin this thing is inevitable. Even in the recent bitcoin price hike in time, you can hear “BTC” and “digital currency” frequency than “what to eat” and “drink what” more, it makes Udayan is interested in buying bitcoin, even if he does not know what is the real value of it.

The friends lured him.

12 17 April, when he was buying $17131, “a few days ago to buy, my assets to a frenzied pace in growth, it’s far more than you invest in some financial products more intuitive and more exciting.

At that time last year 12 month, the price of bitcoin almost every day in the growth of $1000. Crazy people lose reason, there is even a loan to buy bitcoin, a series of tragedies have occurred.

Bitcoin continues to rise, 12 month 18 day, the market price reached the highest value: $19299. Then as we can see, bitcoin prices began to decline, fell to $18493 in 2 days.

Udayam intends to sell bitcoins in exchange for a share of the profits, but his bitcoin believers friend told him, to hold, will next month to $30 thousand to $50 thousand, could.

At the same time, block chain media are constantly hype “and” and “the end of $300 thousand bitcoin also jumped 500%” experts predict could rise to $400 thousand. In advocating the advice of friends and the media, Udayam chose to continue to hold.

However, after 3 days, bitcoin does not reverse the decline, such as bitcoin waterfall, plummeted to $14701, Udayam left “dynamic” I am very sad after never appeared.

In December 23rd, a few days ago also reported “jumped several times” several times or period “media reports began a day fell to 1/3 market”……

To record their bitcoin speculation in the Udayam post, there are a large number of investors like him, at a high level to participate in the investment, some people even when buying $19250.

There is also a time when people try to $13000 hunters, when there are people who want to in the $10000 hunters, but when people want to be in the $9000 hunters……

A currency speculation post in his message, I was at the age of 20 at a price of $ten to buy bitcoins, and see it down to $2, but he does not buy much, so I don’t care. I’m on, because in the hype, mood swings to feel sad, because regardless of bitcoin prices or up or down, for your mood swings, so from the investment point of view this is a stupid way to invest.

Disk access man is stupid investors?

Bitcoin has killed my brother.

Bonerz’s brother, bitcoin early investors, at about $100 to buy coins.

The first media exposure for bitcoin and Dutch act of people, not because of the collapse of bitcoin, but bitcoin soared.

2017 years 12 months, Reddit a “bitcoin killed my brother” post caused a sensation. In the paper, the author Bonerz said his brother bought 15000 bitcoins in 2012 years, in 2012 years 10-11 months, he saw more than 6000 brother bitcoin wallet.

During that time, my brother constantly in the family show off their bitcoin is how to become a millionaire, also became the entire family to be the most highly upstart.

But in 2013, the majority of his brother told Bonerz bitcoin because hackers lost (media speculation for the events in Mentougou). Before the end of 2013, Bonerz’s brother, the remaining bitcoin sold all cash, then a bitcoin price was $200.

This kind of tragedy. By the end of 2013, bitcoin prices began to rise sharply, the lowest value since then than when he sold high. Lost opportunity, his brother began to suffer from severe depression.

The next few years, Bonerz each time with my brother on the phone, brother always like mad at yourself, blame yourself to sell too early, missed the opportunity to get rich again.

At the end of November 2017 bitcoin exceeded $10 thousand, Bonerz’s brother could not contact. A few weeks later, his family by the police notice to claim the body. Bonerz’s brother Dutch act, only 29 years old.

Of course, this is not the case. In February 2, 2018, ifeng.com reported: a college student won investment of about 20000000 yuan to buy virtual currency, once soared to more than 200 million won. But at the end of last year, he invested in the virtual currency plummeted, not only profits to zero, even the principal lost all in. Later, the boy was suffering from severe depression, and is found in recent Dutch act.

Bonerz said in the paper,

“If I miss the chance to earn $50 million, I will Dutch act. I can’t imagine my brother over the past few years has experienced what, but he don’t you want to get rich and beautiful day. Bitcoin completely destroyed his mind, and as long as he put any money and investment, anything, he will go crazy, or cry. “

I borrowed from family consumer loans

However, block BlockBeats [] rhythm leek flower column and an article material not published, then we believe that the content of this article is short and there is no similar content with other contributors published, but now you can.

A is an ordinary employee, is also a science fancier. When he was 2017 years and 10 months, began to hear about bitcoin and ICO, think this is the flower drum Ponzi scheme, did not understand.

But in late November after a friend told him to buy now, a few days later sold, white earn thousands of dollars. A very seductive, now placed in front of him one only has to work can be ways of making money: money, fast money immediately after it.

So he wouldn’t find wife, and other money, wife would not say what. 12 months earlier, he started his capital operation: first from the ants by Bai borrowed 10 thousand, but prices rose too quickly, he wanted to wait until the price does not rise again, but found that prices did not stop. Because of his shilly-shally, he earned a lot of money.

He then calculated that, this 1 million dollars, can earn thousands of dollars, not a one-time a large. Then he followed the bulk of the small loan App SMS, to borrow 40000 dollars, after deducting fees and other miscellaneous expenses, hand 35000, annual interest of 18%. But if you earn, next month also, interest is a little money.

12 15 April, in small bitcoin fell to 16500, a “hunters”. 3 days later, his account shows he has earned 17.5%. “Insist again one day, when the time to sell 30%. “

2 days later, bitcoin prices began to fall, his own account shows earn only 12%, but is still not a small fortune. Loud also want to wait, because he believes that he can hold.

12 21, a display account has no money. In December 23rd, in a panic, he sold his bitcoin, while 35100 yuan own alipay.

After falling by a loud chant, do not have enough money to have a small loan, but also for the opportunistic failure, he felt very guilty, ashamed, this thing don’t tell anyone, finally chose the installment.

In the end of the story and loud, “I only hope that my wife don’t investment failure, if she knew I was stupid, I in this home is completely no status. “

In some coin ring BlockBeats know the rhythm of routine block, we have seen some of the domestic users’ privacy information exchange will be sold to the consumer loan, P2P company. After they get investors KYC information, and is not the first time to take the initiative to contact them, but they are eager to use money to make money again when “warmth”.

When bitcoin prices began to fall, many people will think this is the bottom signal, but helpless to do not have enough money to buy a currency, and they do not support such investments at home people, so I had to open up some other funding channels. This time, P2P, small loan companies will take the initiative to knock on the door.

If bitcoin prices fell, they will give investors to send text messages, tell them to get 5000-20000 of the amount of consumption, unsecured, unsecured credit loans, cash immediately.

5000-20000 of the amount, for ordinary people is not particularly large amount, is also fully consistent with the gamblers psychological range, these money admission, can make a fortune; even if it is lost, but also not much loss, is also very easy also.

We only hope a not a gambler.

Who is in the belief for bitcoin recharge?

Analysis of Chainalysis found that: from the beginning of 2017 December, bitcoin trading volume higher than before 57%, at the same time bitcoin makers in December to April, hit $30 billion bitcoin, bitcoin small buyers become big makers of disk access man.

We have seen the “Junior have 6000 yuan, what a good financial investment advice? “Know the questions. This post is famous because of Babbitt’s long sword to the founder of college financial advice: buy bitcoin wallet, save the file, and then forget you had 6000 yuan this thing, five years later to see.

Of course, the students did not listen to advice, if he had to choose to buy now worth millions.

While in 2013, when bitcoin has up to hundreds of dollars high, there are also some people comment that regret, was still a message to the long sword, it is still not too late.

Review from today’s perspective, and the bitcoin price of $20 thousand in December 2017 compared to 2013, bitcoin investment still can easily get 100 times the return on investment, the investment ratio even went to Beijing in 2007 to buy a house more profitable.

This article in the process of creation, bitcoin rose from 7000 to 8000 and dropped back to $7000. You want to block BlockBeats rhythm of investors said that the world needs the blockchain belief spirit, you can believe it will rise to 20 thousand a better future, but also to accept the reality of it can fall to 6000 now.

The market risks, the market need to be cautious, speculators do not enter.

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