I think a little bit about bitcoin investment.

How to better grasp the timing of buying bitcoin can help you upgrade your investment strategy to a new level. For bitcoin and the entire encrypted currency market, 2018 is an interesting year, making many investors lose a lot of loss, which makes it difficult for many investors to make decisions, such as when to sell bitcoin, cut meat, or should I buy more than special money now? The important thing to remember is that there is no specific style of investment suitable for everyone.

One, choose your strategy

In terms of investing in bitcoin, there are some mainstream strategies to follow. Finally, you will find that there is always a strategy combination that is best for you, which is normal, and if you find the right strategy, it will increase your ROI and reduce the loss caused by the market adjustment.

Two. Long term belief

It is believed that the bitcoin community is powerful, and bitcoin is the first successful encrypted currency in the world. Besides it has brought the block chain technology to the whole world, it also brings about the idea of social and economic freedom related to this kind of encrypted currency.

The holder must believe that the fundamental pursuit of bitcoin is the financial system that makes the world free from corruption and evil. In addition, they believe that bitcoin will always see long term value added. At present, less than 4 million bits of money are not exploited, and the scarcity of this digital asset is undeniable.

This is the simplest and easiest way to invest in bitcoin. When the price falls, you buy the bitcoin and hold it. If you look back at the price history of bitcoin, anyone who follows this strategy before mid – 2017 will have a good job.

Three, short term transaction: intra day transaction

Intraday traders want to make profit according to their market understanding, rather than holding bitcoins. For these investors, it is essential to use the best market tools. Advanced market analysis and trading robots are two perfect examples. Excellent intra day trading tools can improve your return on investment.

Four, hoarding money: consolidating your position

Day traders make profits when they are fluctuating. The shrewd day trader knows how to make a profit, even if the market collapses. In the case of a bear market, these traders will strengthen their position. This transaction strategy requires you to sell bitcoins when the market begins to fall, and once the market hits the bottom, you buy back bitcoins at a lower price. Results: more bitcoins. This strategy, however, is easier to say than to do.

Five, combination strategy

Many investors use the combination of these strategies to achieve the goal of increasing their bitcoin holdings. These investors hold their bitcoins until the main market adjustment. As an encrypted currency investor, it is important to monitor the new development of the encrypted currency market. In theory, a bear market is more predictable than a bull market.

Remember, for many investors, the money market is a new thing, and bad media can spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and suspicion), which can cause investors to panic selling. For example, if you wake up tomorrow, enter the Bitcoin keyword in the Google news search engine, and the first three pages of the news are negative, then it is likely that this will lead to a tumble in the price of bitcoin, and how much is it? No one knows.

Six. Compare the market cycle

The market cycle is like the tides of the ocean, and although no one can predict exactly how powerful the tides will be, they can refer to the activities of the previous year to know when the market activity will increase or decrease. Bitcoin has a history of 10 years, and ten years of market research can be evaluated to better understand the market cycle of bitcoin.

Seven, market stability in the near future

The market seems to be fluctuating steadily, at its lowest level for years. Does this mean that bitcoin is stable? Probably not. When bitcoins are usually experienced in this type of market volatility, in most cases, the bull market follows.

Eight. On the handover of the bull bear

Low buying and selling is a recognized investment logic in the entire encrypted money industry. Although it may seem easy, at least, it is difficult to predict when to fall to the lowest point. One of the best strategies is to look at the market chart, and if the fall is close to the support line, then buy it, and the support line on the market chart represents the point that the market shows an increase in the purchase activity, so that the bear market will start and the bull market will be opened.

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