IAB Technology Labs for the advertising industry to set up a chain of chain work group

nnIn the event that the advertising industry is increasingly interested in the chain chain, there have been a number of related initiatives to address the existing problems in the industry. In order to better guide these activities, the US Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Technology Laboratory has set up a dedicated block chain working group to develop a framework to help companies explore the real potential of the chain.n
nTranslated by: Inan
Block chains are being reviewed in as many industries as possible for adoption. From the announcement by the US Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Science and Technology Laboratory on September 18th, it was a step closer to the acceptance of the advertising community.n
Richard Bush is co-chair of the IAB and chief technology officer of NYIAX, a chain-based media contract exchange based on the chain-chain, who told us that “the group was the first organization to set standards for the chain of chains in the media world.”n
The block chain was originally known as a technology that supports Bitcoin and is now extending in all directions to take advantage of its theoretical advantage – highly secure and transparent distributed online books.n
In a blog post, Michael Palmer, co-founder of Bush and IAB, tried to answer the question “why the advertising industry is using chain chains.”n
They pointed out that the block chain can make anonymous or semi-anonymous “to complete a variety of types of transactions at low cost”, the data once stored in the block chain can not be changed or deleted, and it has a distributed characteristics, that every One side has a complete and updated copy of the entire chain. They also said,n
n”There are a number of initiatives to adapt to the block chain technology to address the challenges of the current digital advertising industry, so developing a framework to guide the development of common standards and protocols is very important.”n
nThe article pointed out that the industry has been the block chain initiatives include Adex to the center of the exchange, Amino company focused on transparency of advertising technology payment technology, Faktor identity management platform, Rebel AI advertising / publisher identity and brand spending Platform and the Basic Attention Token for purchasing ads and attention services.n
Bush told me that its first task was to set the technical definition, priority, and best use case. The key areas of interest to the working group are the role of block chains in fraud prevention, assessment, billing differential adjustment, financial transactions, and inventory verification.n
I pointed out to Bush that there is a critical obstacle to the use of block chain technology in the advertising industry, that is, it can not run at ultra-fast times with real-time bidding (RTB).n
Bush acknowledges that this is a problem, but adds that “block chains do not need to run at RTB speed” to solve other advertising technical issues such as transparency.n

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