IBM announced a block-based truck tracking solution

nnnRush: IBM and Columbia logistics solutions provider AOS decided to jointly develop a new block chain and Internet of Things solution for the logistics industry. Use the block chain to record the truck’s RFID and bar code information to ensure the safety of goods and trucks; by recording the truck GPS signal to confirm the location and driving conditions of the truck. Market research suggests that IoT and the supply chain in the logistics industry will create great value.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nIBM has made another important deal in Latin America.n
nIBM and Colombian logistics solutions provider AOS to work together to develop a new block chain and Internet of Things (IoT) solution for the logistics industry.n
nRicardo Buitrago, director of AOS Innovation, said the solution uses IBM block chain and Watson artificial intelligence technology to track the source and condition of trucks and goods, record cargo transactions and information processing, and increase transparency for the shipping process.n
n”With the right hardware, Related work in the greatest authenticity “.n
nHow does it work?n
nBuitrago says the truck is equipped with a radio frequency identification tag (RFID) that stores vehicle information, driver information, and load information.n
nThe IoT sensor can track the transport process and the truck’s available space, which is recorded on the block chain and is accessible to all relevant parties. IBM and AOS pointed out that this process is usually done manually, slow, high error rate.n
nBuitrago said:n
nn”The truck has a bar code seal and the relevant information is stored in the block chain as a safety indicator for the vehicle’s load without change. In addition, we consider registering the GPS signals of each truck in order to record the route and increase the traceability of the data.”n
nnThe solution integrates IBM’s Watson networking system to focus on factors such as weather, temperature, etc. that could affect the shipping process and the expected delivery time.n
nHard datan
nMarket research shows that by 2020, the value of IoT in logistics may be 10 billion US dollars. Cisco and DHL surveys estimate that IoT and the supply chain in the logistics industry will create $ 1.9 trillion worth of value.n
nBuitrago said the company usually lacks hard data and can not know exactly what defects and losses it has in the shipping cycle:n
nn”Getting this information is one of the biggest benefits they want to use in our IoT solution for logistics operations.”n
nnBut the efficiency of the block chain and the growing network effect, the next challenge will be how to upgrade the network.n
nA company has signed an agreement to use the program, and AOS rejects the transparent name; but Buitrago said it plans to deploy the program in July. Up to now, the program is only open to the Colombian market.n

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