IBM auto industry block chain report: 62% executives think there will be a subversive change in three years

 IBM automobile industry chain block report: 62% executives believe there will be a disruptive change within three years

According to the daily planet (WeChat: o-daily) learned that the “blue giant” IBM’s Institute for business value (IBM Institute for Business Valu) recently released a report which shows the block chain industry, the automotive industry chain block technology investment is huge, and the 62% car prices executives said, is expected to block chain technology will give the entire auto industry in three years time to bring disruptive change.

IBM Institute for business value in its report entitled “dare” (Daring to Be First) said in an analysis of the industry, 95% of the carmaker plans in the next three years on the inner block chain technology to increase investment, they believe that this new technology can enhance the transparency of the automotive industry in the supply chain management and financial transactions etc..

The next application block chain technology will be the automotive industry

According to the survey data show that the IBM Institute for business value:

1, 62% car prices executives said the blockchain will become a disruptive force in the automotive industry in three years.

2, 54% of respondents expect there will be a new business model, then the impact of car prices in the blockchain investment in technology.

3, 54% car prices executives said, is expected to be three years in the automotive industry for large-scale implementation of commercial block chain network.

The automotive industry leader that distributed ledger system originality will further enhance the penetration rate of smart contracts. In fact, the auto industry still has many problems, such as in the automotive assembly stage needs to record the information of parts of thousands, if unable to track and verify parts may lead to normal integration with other auto parts at work, follow-up will lead to vehicle performance problems caused by decreased customer satisfaction. In dealing with this issue, the blockchain clearly has certain advantages, car manufacturers can rely on the block chain traceability parts, equipment to improve the transparency of information, and simplify the supply chain management.

 IBM automobile industry chain block report: 62% executives believe there will be a disruptive change within three years

IBM Institute for business value pointed out that since February this year, the German auto giant Porsche test application block chain technology has been in the automotive manufacturing process. Not only that, Porsche has developed a block chain application in the production stage, not only can efficiently manage the parking, lock and unlock the car, the vehicle can be more easily delivered to the designated staff on the line; and in the client, since all transactions are recorded in the distributed ledger, the owner can also real-time to know who used their own vehicles, and where to use when, while vehicle loans and other financial value-added services.

Block chain is used for tracking of fresh agricultural products and luxury goods

In fact, IBM over the past few years has been in the “concentrated” study block chain technology.

In October this year, BIN announced a partnership with the French supermarket giant Carrefour, tracing from farm to store chicken, egg and tomato products, improve food safety commitment. At present, Carrefour has block chain data system of Food Trust integration IBM to their supply chain. As Europe’s largest retailer Carrefour in the world with more than 1.2 thousands of stores, and plans in the next few years will be the application of the block chain system to all of its fresh products online. Carrefour executives said, block chain can help them find and prevention of Salmonella associated with egg and poultry outbreaks, a major safety problem and it is also the food industry to be solved.

Even a public diss bitcoin who admits the block chain is a revolutionary technology that can change the health care, banking, supply chain management, and even the entertainment industry. In May this year, the world’s largest diamond jewelry retailer Signet Jewelers announced to join the South African Jewelry giant De Beers Group launched diamond block chain project Tracr. By tracing the mine to customers throughout the supply chain process, can ensure that the diamonds are not mined by African slaves to theater, “blood diamonds” no longer appear on the market.

The IBM released the latest block chain industry report once again that the books distributed technology with great potential to subvert the rules of the game, it is worth every one of us attention.

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