IBM introduced the improved mainframe IBM Z, with universal data encryption

nnAdventures: IBM recently released its next-generation mainframe IBM Z, all-weather encryption data, open a new era of data security. It is reported that the mainframe can handle more than 12 billion per day encrypted transactions, reducing the enterprise about 92% of the attack surface. In view of the serious problem of data leakage, while the EU introduced the general data protection regulations and other laws and regulations, the new product launch coincides with the time, while IBM also revealed that its new IBM Z mainframe will be used as an encryption engine to build IBM cloud block chain data Center to address the global data security issues that are commonplace.n
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nIBM has invested heavily in encryption technology to release a new mainframe called IBM Z, or to uninstall new workloads during data leakage.n
nThe company has recently launched its next-generation mainframe IBM Z, which can handle more than 12 billion encrypted transactions per day. The overall idea for IBM Z will be all-weather encryption of all data, reducing the enterprise about 92% of the attack surface.n
nIBM has repositioned its mainframe products and expects its sales to be a strong and reliable z-series lineup. The core of IBM Z is the encryption engine, which encrypts any data related to applications, cloud services, or databases.n
nIn view of the large number of security problems such as data leakage and the introduction of regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulations, the introduction of the new product coincides with the time. And the mainframe is still widely used in the field of financial services.n
n”We think this will be widely used in financial services, government, retail, tourism and transportation,” said Ross Mauri, general manager of IBM Z. “Encryption is critical to all industries, and this new system allows customers to encrypt large All the data on the machine, regardless of industry or country, this function has developed to the top of the security has risen to the public level, is a problem affecting all members of society.n
nIBM said the company has designed IBM Z with its 150 customers, including security experts and chief security management. And IBM’s response to the mainframe or 15 years ago when the virtual Linux and open source software.n
nThere is no doubt that the sale of mainframes has a significant impact on IBM’s hardware business. There is definitely an upgrade cycle, but it is not clear whether IBM can extend the coverage of IBM Z through its encryption. Mauri said that IBM has so far advocated and worked with major customer groups, but its company has developed 5 to 15 new Z-series mainframe customers on a quarterly basis.n
nMauri said that the development of the system core (software, hardware and firmware) usually takes about three years. Engineers are working on IBM Z-based technology for five years. “There are more than two years when customers are involved in the development of basic technology for IBM Z mainframes,” said Mauri.n
nBig Blue also said it plans to use IBM Z as an encryption engine to build six IBM cloud block chain data centers. These IBM cloud block chain data centers will be located in New York, London, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, Tokyo and Toronto, facing the financial services industry. Mauri said it would add more block chain centers in the future.n
nMauri said:n
nn”At present we have built six data centers, and the future will build more home.Today the six data centers around the world to improve the delay problem, and the future will build more data centers to improve regulatory and data local issues “n

nPervasive encryption methods include:n
nnNo matter where the data resides, it will be encrypted when it is in a still or transmission state. In addition, due to the silicon used to study the encryption algorithm has been improved, the data can be bulk encryption.n
nnnIBM Z protects millions of encryption keys with hardware that responds to tampering, and is aware that any signs of intrusion will destroy itself.n
nnnEncrypted application programming interface that enables developers to build applications and services.n
nnnAs for pricing, IBM announced three container pricing models. The pricing of new micro-services and applications can be determined based on the requirements for quality of service. While the application development and testing environment will triple the price, so that you can increase the capacity without increasing the license. It also includes a pricing model for the payment system, which is based on payment rather than capacity.n
nnThis new pricing model is valid for z / OS V2.2 and z / OS V2.3 by the end of this year.n
nWith three times the z13 of memory and three times the I / O and transaction processing speed, IBM Z can support more than 12 billion encrypted transactions per day, 2 million Docker containers (Docker container) and 1,000 concurrent NoSQL databases.n

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