ICO encounters an IPO: block chain writer Alex Tapscott makes the tokens start-up company

nnnHotline: “Block Chain Revolution” initiated by the author NextBlock Global is the investment tokens sales project-based start-up companies, and plans to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, is currently under approval. Successful, NextBlock Global is the first ICO investment company to conduct an IPO. Through this traditional way of financing, attracting qualified investors can unlock more capital sources for this emerging industry.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nIf the block chain writer Alex Tapscott succeeded, his new investment company was the first ICO-based listed company.n
nAccording to the latest news, Tapscott’s NextBlock Global has raised $ 20 million to invest in the sale of encrypted tokens and plans to list on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange).n
nAlthough ICO is called an alternative to traditional financing, Tapscott’s reason for attracting qualified investors is that he believes they can unlock more capital for the industry. To fill the gap, Tapscott said it had “countless times” talks with Canadian regulators, possibly submitting IPO documents within a few weeks.n
nTapscott describes the importance of the first ICO investment company to conduct an IPO.n
nn”Anyone who opens a discount account in a brokerage firm, whether it is a retail or a public fund or a pension fund, can get the best possible opportunities for this type of asset through what we consider safe, direct and regulated.”n
nnAfter submitting the application to TSX, the review will be accepted by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), and as long as it is approved, Tapscott is expected to be available within six months, “at the same time for greater financing.”n
nArchitecture and strategyn
nNextBlock Global’s investment strategy includes a protocol that focuses on possible de-centric application ecosystems.n
nTapscott says most of these investments will be used for projects that have ICO plans but have not yet started. CoinDesk data show that the July chain block project raised $ 1.5 billion through the ICO and $ 500 million over the past 30 days.n
nSo Tapscott believes that, like other investors, he believes that despite the public’s tokens to make dollar risk capital less important, but its skills will encourage experienced investors to enter the market.n
nFor example, after considering several potential competitive models, Tapscott has only opted for publicly traded digital asset investment companies.n
nHe examines whether the company should hold an ICO that shares a fund share to a qualified limited partner and whether it has acquired a more traditional fund structure through sales of general partners and limited partners.n
nHe still believes that the IPO is a priority option.n
nn”The market is relatively small, the number of investors to deploy funds is relatively small.”n
nnn”My goal has been to accelerate the mainstream investment in this asset category.”n
nGlobal Asset Transfern
nIn addition, Tapscott discusses the importance of the judiciary in making its own decisions.n
nSince last year, with his father Don Tapscott co-authored the “blockchain revolution” (Blockchain Revolution), access to the World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum) consultancy positions, often appear in the block chain meeting. But even if they become a global standard industry figures, or choose to return to the native Canadian market, both personal and professional reasons.n
nTapscott refers to the TMX Early Block Chain Prototype project, noting that Canada is one of the countries that are willing to provide a secure test environment for block chain startups, that is, to regulate sandboxes, all of which are themselves responsible for making decisions.n
nn”My first task is not only to accelerate the application of technology, or to ensure that my country, my hometown is a positive action guide.”n
nnBut Tapscott admits that the impact of listing on TSE will go beyond Canada.n
nn”If we want to successfully convert all traditional assets such as bonds, real estate and other digital assets based on block chain technology, then we have to interact closely with the leaders of the traditional field.”n

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