ICO-Hypethon announces the details of the participating team and angel investment fund pool

nnnThe ICO-Hypethon is an upcoming ICO contest in St. Petersburg. The organizer, Crypto Friends, hopes to provide opportunities for many promising teams to reach out to experts and investors so that they can really develop and build this field. Harmony Ecology. At present, Crypto Friends has released the latest list of entrants, and provided some details on the details of the pool, so that people learn more about the game.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nIt takes less than two days from the ICO-Hypethon in St. Petersburg, and the Russian cultural center is about to become its block chain center.n
nThe contest organizer Crypto Friends and its sponsor Waves platform to Cointelegraph announced the latest list of participants, also revealed on the ICO angel investment pool details.n
nThese teams can explain their ideas twice in 48 hours, with the guidance of mentors and experts, and finally by the jury to make a decision to select the three best projects.n
nThese teams will have the opportunity to meet with ICO angel investors who have invested more than $ 1.9 million in funds to buy ICO pre-sale tokens.n
nCrypto Friends founder Daria Arefieva said:n
nn”We have received more than 100 entries, and we have now increased the number of selected teams to 26. With the support of our experts, we will continue to look at the application and update the list.We hope to make some of the best team contacts To experts and angel investors.Our goal is to enable stakeholders to create a reliable and transparent business and develop relationships around the ICO during Hypethon. “n
nICO-Hypethon teamn
n1 Armor Ceramics (http://www.armorceramics.co) is a large metallurgical manufacturer that develops new types of chain-based chains in industrial enterprises.n
n2charitize.click (https://charitize.click) is developing a customer affinity platform for brands and retailers, matching the brand to its consumer’s core values.n
n3Cryptopay (https://cryptopay.me) is a wallet and payment platform supported by a new bit-currency payment agreement that merchants and consumers can trade with.n
n4Covalentcoin (https://covalentcoin.io) is a mining project in Siberia that owns a patented technology and the token on the Waves VALENT.n
n5DARFChain (http://www.darfchain.com) is a block to the center of the accounting / asset finance system.n
n6Data Fuel (http://datafuel.ru) is a de-centric platform for analyzing, securely storing and exchanging personal data.n
n7Easyfast (tbd) publicized ICO in a wide range of international mass media networks, raising some money for it.n
n8Forseti (Forseti.im) is a decentralized arbitration / mediation network and reputation system framework based on intelligent contracts. It is designed to address the trust of the online market and build a reputation system based on the block chain.n
n9Game Machine (gamemachine.io) to provide services for gamers, allowing them to rent their own computers in their spare time to get free of charge in their favorite game equipment.n
n10InkChain (https://inkchain.io) is an instrument that allows artists to register works and conduct business, a trading platform for hatching and developing art, and an ecosystem that benefits all original content providers.n
n11Investy (tbd) is a digital money investment social platform that invests openly and securely for digital money funds, portfolios and individual traders.n
n12jNet1 (https://jnet1.ru) is based on b2b and b2c IT platform jewelry business ecosystem, has its own tokens JnetCoin.n
n13Kickcity (https://kickcityapp.com) is an award-based block chain social activity platform.n
n14LastWill (lastwill.io) is a service that creates a smart contract that allocates these funds to its successor if the user can not use his own funds (disappear, death, etc.).n
n15LegalORM (http://legalorm.com) is a technology platform with its own environment that automates legal services and provides legal partners with the ability to create documents.n
n16Nimfamoney (https://nimfamoney.io) is a fully decentralized digital money lending platform that can buy tokens in exchanges and ICOs.n
n17Nousplatform (https://nousplatform.com) is a centrally managed investment fund managed in the chain chain.n
n18Piligrim XXI (www.piligrimxxi.com) is an expansion of the real-life ecosystem. It is a landscape information environment that connects users to peer communities.n
n19PingPong (http://pingpong.rocks) is an application of personal and business agendas that have IM and complex block-chain project management tools.n
n20PRIZM (http://prizm.club) is a thorough proof of equity (PoS) digital currency, based on Next core, built by open source Java.n
n21Rosenbridge Digital (https://www.rosenbridgedigital.org) was the first source of funding regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority to provide securitized digital money products.n
n22Run-CPA (https://runcpa.com) is a mobile advertising cost network in Bitcoin’s economy.n
n23Smart Insurance LLC (tbd) is a new generation of insurance platform based on innovative relationships.n
n24Solidified (solidified.io) is a broadcaster platform for screening smart contracts to help investors and developers identify the quality, reliability and security of smart contracts.n
n25Uber Food (https://www.blindozer.ru) is a vending machine for making pancakes.n
n26Xemit (TBD) is a block-based technology-based payment agency that has a central business model that uses basic digital currency and currency.n

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