ICO Investment Analysis: How to Evaluate Delphy’s Estimated Investment Value for Market Projects


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500 years ago, the great navigational era, the colonists rely on the exploration of the New World has accumulated huge wealth, 500 years later, we stood in such an opportunity period, the number of new continent contains great value and energy, waiting for us Go to the Nuggets.n
nHowever, with the tokens economy era Qianfan embarked, a variety of projects come down the mountain, what is the potential of the block chain project, which factors need to be considered, as investors should be how to explore the value of a project do.n
nIf we combine the characteristics of the VC fund and the community economy, we can summarize the success of ICO may involve several factors.n
nnICO team is reliable, reputation, how can the industry’s support, this can be found in the chain of the founder of the chain of the background, project experience, with or without experienced consultants to judge;n
nnICO team chooses what the track is enough, enough to solve what kind of practical problems, we need to verify that the project has not caught the actual pain point.nnnIf the team found a pain point, then the pain point is not necessarily have to do with the chain chain, must join the token currency economic model, what is necessary and the benefits.nnnThe level of governance of the ICO, such as how many assignments to the community, the team is locked (related to the late there is no power to adhere to the development), there is no overvaluation (the beginning of the valuation is too high burden too heavy), there is no accounting Firms and lawyers to ensure the rational use of funds.nnnToday, the author on the recent line of Delphy project, for example, do some analytical thinking.n
nFirst, what is the reputation and strength of the Delphy team?n
nFounder Wang Bo is the United States senior chain chain company Factom (just pass) co-founder. It is understood that, Factom is a block to do the chain of certificates of technology companies, located in Austin, the United States, took the Silicon Valley legendary investor Tim Draper (founder of DFF Fund) investment, distributed capital investment.n
nI found that in the field of ICO, Factom considered veteran project. By 2015, Factom issued Tokgo FCT, which has so far risen several times (P can be found online). For more than two years, Factom has been in the process of developing follow-up, and recently developed Harmon, a file management system for financial institutions, working with a number of banks in the United States.n

nWe can see that the founders in the ICO circle is a continuous entrepreneur, before a successful record.n
nConsultants, Delphy accepted the block is a chain of big brother’s guidance. First, the distributed capital partner Shen Bo, Mr. Shen Bo is the co-founder of bitshares, invested more than 40 companies in the world’s top chain chain, in the industry has a huge call. At the same time, Mr. Gong Ming, the prince of Prince Gong, he founded the industry’s highest attention media – block chain pencil, the largest ICO platform ICOAGE, has just completed ICO’s distributed exchange Cybex. In addition, Sun Ming, a partner of Shise Law Firm, is a senior legal expert in digital money to provide legal support.n
nIn fact, although I do not think that there is a big coffee platform must be a good project, but at least that the team in the industry are popular, a lot of time the industry resources have a decisive significance, business difficulties, a mentor is always good.n
nSecond, what kind of field does Delphy choose to solve any real problems?n
nIn fact, in the field of block chain ICO, there are many projects are copying mature Internet applications, such as various types of distributed WeChat (Status), microblogging (Akasha), Wikipedia (Lunyr), cloud computing (iEx), P2P (Wetrust) and so on. As more than ten years the infiltration of the Internet, the public for these applications to understand it is relatively easy.n
nHowever, Delphy chose the track to predict the market, an area where ordinary investors are not familiar with. For various reasons, the market has not experienced the baptism of the Internet era, not deeply rooted in the country is only stay in the academic circle of the new concept.n
nIn short, the market is the market for the possibility of trading future events, as the stock market for the stock pricing, the market is expected to predict the possibility of future events. This may have a lot of applications in the future, including movie box office forecasting, weather forecasting, sporting event prediction and so on. This is equivalent to a way for people who have special information.n
nSo what is the meaning of the market forecast, many people think that the market is expected to bet, it is not true. Predict the market can be understood as a consensus tool in reality, a lot of people’s feedback through the reward mechanism together to produce social value, is a low threshold of market research tools, from this sense to understand the market is different from the pure speculative tool Of the betting.n
nIn addition, I believe that the forecast market compared to large data, data mining and other forecast threshold is low, will predict this tool civilians, the original data only big companies can play the forecast, ordinary people can also participate. For example, market research often requires a high social cost, and the market is attracting people to take the initiative to participate, more efficient.n
nA large-scale commercialization of a concept can produce a certain dividend, such as the previous large data, cloud computing ah, etc., predict the market may also meet such a law.n
nThird, the market is not necessarily used to solve the chain?n
nAs an investor, in the evaluation of an application whether the need to use the block chain, the first thing to consider is why this application area must use the block chain, can solve the central application of what pain points.n
nSpecifically, the traditional forecast market has some of the following pain points: First, the central platform can not self-evident innocence, many platforms are suspected to manipulate the market, modify the data, it is difficult to win the trust of the user. Second, the market is expected to be subject to strict financial regulation since its inception, resulting in a lack of user volume and size of transactions, being left out of the mainstream market, such as the famous intrade.com is not in line with the Bank of America law and was closed.n
nIf the use of the block chain, the first block on the chain of data on the whole network consensus, not tamper with the characteristics of the forecast platform to self-evident innocence. Second, the distributed structure also makes the forecast market has global liquidity, can attract massive users. Finally, the chain-based forecasting market, due to its tokens incentive mechanism, can motivate the intellectual community and attract more professionals to participate.n
nFourth, what is the same block market forecast as Delphy?n
nFor the ICO, there is a listed transaction is very important to the project, on the one hand can test the market acceptance of such projects, on the one hand the valuation of the project also has a reference.n
nAt present, the forecast market a total of Augur and Gnosis two projects on the line. Yields, starting from 2015, Augur token Rep price has risen more than 10 times, Gnosis since May this year has risen 3 times, the market feedback is good.n
nFifth, what is the valuation and governance level of the Delphy project?n
nIn general, ICO project development members of the power from the hands of the token, because their main revenue from the appreciation of the token. In other words, if the team long-term holding token, then there will be dedicated to the work of the project power.n
nIt is understood that the Deluff project team’s token will be locked for up to three years (after the first year to get half, followed by monthly linear release), which in the ICO project which is very long, the average ICO average 3-6 months or so.n
nIn terms of valuation, Delphy financing is divided into two rounds, the first round of 18 million tokens (18%), the second round of 8 million (8%), a total financing of 68,000 eth, according to the current eth price 1500 calculation, the valuation of 100 million yuan. In contrast, Augur’s current market capitalization of 190 million US dollars, Gnosis market value of 220 million US dollars.n
nIn terms of the ICO model, Delphy takes a 1: 1 distribution method, in fact, is to control the opening of the circulation, reduce the amount of selling. For investors, if the opening immediately sell the token, it is equivalent to more than doubled the price to participate in ICO, not worthwhile. In this way, long-term optimistic about the project people have the reasons for holding, as long as there is a double income.n
nSixth, what are the risk points for the Delphy project?n
nICO risk, investment need to be cautious. The risk of investing in ICO projects is no less important than participating in a start-up, even a professional, such as a venture capital firm. Therefore, before we invest, we need to consider the following points.n
nn1. As the market is expected in China is a new concept, the need for a certain stage of market education, landing situation may be slower than expected.n
n2. The laws and regulations on the forecast market have not yet been introduced, there is a certain policy risk.n
n3. Technology has yet to be a breakthrough, such as the mobile phone side of the ether-square light node also need to optimize the product’s UI design.n
n4. Predict the vertical market in the market may initiate some sensitive event predictions that may require manual enrollment.n

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