ICO raised $ 1.2 billion, more than early risk financing

nnnDuring the break: ICO financing from April to June, doubled, and ultimately more than the Internet purchase company angel and seed round risk financing. Entrepreneurship companies Tezos and Bancor contributed to this part of the financing, but there were also CoinDash projects being attacked. Just as the Singapore Monetary Authority evaluates ICO, trade anonymity and financing convenience are likely to pose some risks. But the regulation has not yet qualitative, this way of financing or will continue to develop.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nOver the past two months, encrypted money and block-chain start-ups have raised more money through ICO than Internet companies’ early risk financing.n
nICO is the way for the start-up company to obtain the user’s funds, and the same, the user can buy shares. The user obtains the tokens or the digital currency representing the shares of the company. ICO is in the middle of encrypted currency and block chain start-ups, and the past two months have exploded.n
nTracking Coinschedule data for financing data shows that ICO financing in April was less than $ 100 million, doubling in May, close to $ 250 million. ICO raised more than $ 550 million in June, surpassing angel and seed round risk financing for the first time. Goldman Sachs also mentioned the situation.n
nGoldman Sachs mentioned that the June angel and early risk financing was less than $ 300 million. Although the ICO in July was just over $ 300 million, the angels and early risk financing were just over $ 200 million in the same period.n
nIn 2017, 92 ICO projects raised $ 1.25 billion.n
nMany companies raise large amounts of money through the ICO. Start-up company Tezos raised $ 230 million. The company created a new block chain. Another company Bancor raised $ 153 million.n
nBut ICO has been criticized as well as from regulators. Recently, the Singapore Monetary Authority of (MAS) said ICO:n
nn”Because of the anonymity of the transaction and the ease of raising a lot of money in a short time, it is vulnerable to money laundering and terrorist financing risks.”n
nnThe Securities and Exchange Commission said last month that domestic securities laws may apply to new digital money sales.n
nAt the same time, start-up company CoinDash launched ICO, but eventually hacked, the funds were stolen.n
nOliver Bussmann, former chief information officer at UBS and current head of financial technology consulting firm, said, “must take the strict supervision of similar IPO companies to protect the interests of investors.”n
nBut Bussmann believes ICO will continue.n
nn”ICO is a new business model that leverages block-chain technology and will continue digitally and combine the mixed asset classes with equity and currency.”n

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