ICO sparked concern that the new de-center exchange Cybex was welcomed by the industry

nnnIn the last week, Prince Kung announced that his team was creating a new message to the center of the exchange, Cybex, which attracted wide attention. In this regard, the Steemit user jademont published its independent observations and comments after specifically declaring that it would not participate in the Cybex project in any way. “Should we welcome Bitshares’ bifurcation – the arrival of Cybex?” “n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nThe most famous Bitshares communicator initiated the Bitshares bifurcation.n
nwww.icoage.com is one of the world’s most well-known ICO platforms and has helped many block-chain projects raise funds through the ICO, including TENX, STATUS, EOS, OMISEGO, YOYOW and so on.n
nThe team of icoage.com and chainb.com, the two founders Gong Minggang, has announced that its team is launching a new center-to-center exchange project that they have created and will open ICO in late July. Gong Ming is one of the earliest Bitshares (then known as protoshares) introduced into China.n
nAccording to the introduction at http://cybex.io/, Cybex is a de-centered exchange based on graphene technology designed to make the tokens available on all ICO projects on the ICOAGE platform mobile, more specifically Said it was a bifurcated version of Bitshares DEX. It will have all the features of Bitshares – stable currency, UIA, witnesses, principals and so on. In addition, it is said Cybex will be in the EOS development is completed, the overall migration to the EOS.n
nShould we welcome Cybex’s arrival?n
nBitshares’s first communicator gave up bitshares away to open a brand new DEX, which sounds somewhat somewhat ironic. People think that Bitshares ‘bifurcation may hamper Bitshares’ own development and wonder why he no longer uses Bitshares.n

nicoage.io with the founder of the chain chain media chainb.com: Gong Mingn
nGong Ming explained that since Bitshares has been highly centered, it is difficult to push the Bitshares platform to make any changes. For example, the underlying bitshares purse has been updated for a year without the time. To the center means inefficiency, which is similar to the case of Bitcoin. Therefore, they would rather launch a new platform, and half-way to maintain the way.n
nPersonally, I think we should accept Cybex, although there will be competition between BTS DEX and Cybex.n
nFirst of all, Cybex’s presence enriches Bitshares / graphene’s ecosystem, and icoage.io and chainb.com have more than 300,000 registered users who will learn about Bitshares through Cybex.n
nSecond, Cybex is semi-centered, so both the development and marketing, Cybex will have a more efficient team. Their future attempts will help Bitshares develop in some way, and anyway, the decentralized organization is easy to stand up from the central organization. If Cybex is a great success, Bitshares will also be remembered as if the bitcoin’s bifurcation adds more confidence to the bitcores. However, if Cybex fails, it is more proof that Bitshares’s model is correct.n
nI think Bitshares like Linux, to the center but not the best, and Cybex or other bifurcation like ChromeOS or Android, by the center of the team to build, and have better features.n
n(Finished text)n
nCYBEX Project ICO Overviewn
nCYBEX system total of 100% CYB tokens, ICO will ICOAGE platform, from 2026 on July 26 20:00 (Beijing time) to 2014 on August 14, 20:00 (Beijing time) end Then
nThe ICO will release 26% tokens (26 million CYB).n
nnJuly 26th 20:00 – July 27th 19:59, each ETH can convert 430 CYB tokens.n
nJuly 27th 20:00 – July 31st 19:59, each ETH can redeem 400 CYB tokens.n
nAugust 1, 20:00 – August 7, 19:59, each ETH can convert 370 CYB tokens.n
nAugust 8th 20:00 – August 14th at 20:00, each ETH can redeem 350 CYB tokens.n
nnIn addition to the above purchased 26% tokens, the system will also be another 50% tokens (50 million CYB), starting from October 1, 2017 two years, according to the cumulative ratio of 1: 1 Free of charge, to the monthly release to the time, including the team, including all the CYB holders (the specific allocation of a certain point in time per month by the number of snapshots).

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