If eight years ago to spend 100 thousand yuan to buy bitcoins, now what will happen?

8 years ago, spent 100 thousand yuan to buy bitcoin, put in now, it is angel investment. Than to the Alibaba investment Softbank, to Jingdong listed firms.

At that time 10000 bitcoin is worth about 200 yuan, about 100 thousand yuan can buy then 5 million coins. According to the current price of about 45000 yuan each, the market value of 225 billion, according to the end of 2017 bitcoin bulls around 150000 yuan each price, about 750 billion yuan in the market, so there is no doubt that you stand on top of Pyramid now.

But we turn to look at this problem, the concept of the original bitcoin by Nakamoto bitcoin just proposed at home and not popular, and even hard to find a platform to buy, the total bitcoin is 2100 million, while the world is already 500 000 bitcoin is still unknown, about 1800 million has been bitcoin has dug up the world now. With difficulty, the original ordinary card can dig bitcoin now and still need professional mine digging efficiency is very low.

If you are lucky enough to have to buy bitcoin, you also need to be transferred to bitcoin trading platform from his wallet, can greatly guarantee the safety of bitcoin, because after 8 years, the platform run away and so on condition have also occurred.

On the other hand, you really need to be able to save up to 8 years. In general, unless you can forget yourself bought 10 million yuan bitcoin, or really has taken very long view bitcoin. As an ordinary investor, when investment income reached 100%, only a few people can continue to hold. When the yield reached 10 times, 100 times, most people will choose to be secured or be part of the first realized. Recently, more than a year, bitcoin has experienced the lowest 1000 dollars, also experienced the highest 19000 dollars, when more than $19000 down to 6000 dollars, even 15 years from 400 dollar above 90%, as a concern of market investors, objectively speaking, there are only a handful of people can not flesh. Chase sell leek psychology is very difficult to avoid.

Have to say, this is an almost impossible “pseudo problem”!


First of all, 8 years ago in 2010, then bitcoin has just come out soon, the vast majority of people have even heard that have never heard of bitcoin, how is it possible to buy;

Secondly, step back, then you really bought 100 thousand yuan coins, can keep to today?

1, when the bitcoin rose a few times, you can refrain from profits?

2, when the bitcoin price Avalanche (8 years, bitcoin prices repeatedly fell cliff type), you can not stop?

3, bitcoin is a code, the past 8 years, do you still remember? How many people a few years ago to buy a bitcoin, not forget the password, or the password in the hard drive and lost, even by hackers stole. I can remember a few people can hold……

Well, you really bought, but keep up today, then you are a billionaire, Congratulations! Obviously, you want to change how life can change how.

However, when it comes to this, I have to emphasize again that the value of bitcoin is 0, the high price is flicker out, that is to say, is a sophisticated packaging gorgeous Ponzi scheme: any of a bubble of financial products, it has no value in itself, the early speculators earn a lot of money, as a call attract new speculators continue to come in, will continue to bubble.

By the way, bitcoin is a token, which translates as “money”, or virtual currency from the beginning of inappropriate technology; even in the chain block behind bitcoin, I said, feeling more and more block chain and quantum mechanics can be compared, some people are deliberately made it very xuanhu, bluntly, is kidding……

Finally, most of the scam participants may know, however, are expected to be safe ashore at low tide before, before the burst out, but the really rich people is certainly very few, the last disk access is always the most!

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