If it costs 100 thousand yuan to buy bitcoin in 2010, will it be the richest man in the world now?

Bitcoin is in 2009, is a person called Nakamoto. The first bitcoin is not a price, but also can be said simply not worth the money, bitcoin virtual currency is not accepted, countries have not recognized the natural have no value. The number of bitcoins is fixed a total of only 21 million, if eight years ago bought 100 thousand bitcoin and sold at the end of 17 years so there is no doubt that you are definitely the richest man in the world.

The first bitcoin transaction is around 2010 there was a guy named Laszlo. Hannici changed two pizza in the hands of 10 thousand bitcoins, or about $40, then the exchange rate between RMB and USD and now is basically the same. We take the integer calculation 1:7! That is 280 yuan to buy 10000 bitcoins, 100 thousand yuan can buy about 3 million 500 thousand bitcoins. And last year a bitcoin highest pushed to nearly $20000, even at the completion of the first to buy bitcoin transaction price at the end of last year, you are worth hundreds of billions of dollars, even now bitcoin sold you is also worth billions level. If you are 8 years ago is the first trading bitcoin 100 thousand yuan to buy bitcoin is far more than 3 million 500 thousand pieces, doubling may be some sold at the end of 17 years, the world’s richest man is properly.

If it’s only a hypothesis, we have to face the reality. No one admitted to the virtual currency, how many people will be willing to buy? This year the bitcoin bubble has begun to collapse has come to be the trend, when bitcoin at the end of last year, the highest price is pushed up to $20000, a year now bitcoin prices back to about $3000, but the decline is still did not stop, can be imagined high people buy how many lost. No matter what the investment income the greater the risk will be larger, the risks and benefits is always accompanied and is proportional to the.

You can invest in 8 years ago, a lot of things. Never think of bitcoin so make money. Now see bitcoin just afterwards, not ex ante. If we all know beforehand what the rich would buy a shot. On the contrary, the rich always think bitcoin is not sustainable. Buffett is bitcoin at a distance. Therefore, the rich bitcoin is still very inconsistent.

Secondly, even if you were buying, may not be able to hold such a long time. The development of bitcoin can be said to be ups and downs. From time to time to have a policy stimulus, and policies to suppress. The volatility is very large. In addition to a firm believer, it is difficult to live with it.

Therefore, in theory, 8 years ago to spend 100 thousand yuan to buy bitcoin, can become the richest man in the world. However, few people can do.

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