If the one-time sell 500 coins, to the bank to cash cards will be investigated?

First of all, according to the “People’s Republic of China anti money laundering law”, “financial institutions large and suspicious transactions reporting management measures”, “financial institutions to report suspicious transactions concerning terrorist financing management approach” and other laws and regulations of the relevant provisions of the Bank of large capital flow monitoring, the main is to review the legality of the source, is suspected of money laundering.

The virtual currency bitcoin and many companies launch is not the same. And the national currency is not the same. QB Tencent Inc to revise the data, how many. The difference in bitcoin is the use of block chain technology, consumes some resources to produce, with more and more people to join the Institutional Firms and “mining”, “dig” a bitcoin (many computer machine competition, power consumption and electricity etc.) more and more time is needed, its performance is difficult to grab the others. That is, bitcoin is costly, so more and more high value. The block chain technology determines each bitcoin more people with the one and only, recognized, bitcoin is “real value”.

Even this year, bitcoin has become the hardest hit, the current prices compared to last year’s high price sell 70%, but now a bitcoin price is still as high as $3326.4, according to the 1 6.9 dollar is equal to RMB exchange rate calculation, a bitcoin is $3326.4 * 6.9=22952.16 yuan, so the 500 value of bitcoin is 500*22952.16=11476080 yuan, the bank card suddenly appeared 1100 million large sums of money, and bitcoin trading is to be settled in dollars, such a huge flow of funds, not to cause the bank’s attention to a very small probability was not examined. Related to foreign exchange transaction level, the bank will surely lead to some vigilance, especially digital currency transactions are not accepted by China in October last year, regulators even once shutting down all the relevant domestic digital currency transactions and foreign agency places.

If the 11 million suddenly into an account for you, if your other accounts and the amount of water is not so much that will be the bank regulatory agencies, but will not ask you the money only source of anti money laundering system inside the bank will stare at you, you are the flow of money in every bank in monitoring.

The current domestic traders to trade have digital currency, only some foreign accounts and transactions, if it is illegal in some domestic trading platform, then sold all cash, must be traded to review, and even bank card are expected to be frozen, if this 500 bitcoins not illegal income, but to be recognized in foreign exchange trading even digital currency, is to review the transaction is not afraid of, is not afraid of the shadow oblique.

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