Illinois launches the birth certificate district chain pilot

nnnIn the United States, Illinois has begun a new block chain pilot. The parents and doctors of the site record the neonatal information in the permissible block chain and have access to the information only with the permission of the legal guardian. Is still developing a user interface to achieve the birth certificate of digital.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nUnited States Illinois has begun a new block chain pilot, the focus is the birth certificate of the digital.n
nOnce the tools developed by Evernym, a chain-chain start-up enterprise, have been put into production, parents and doctors who are present at birth can record their birth records on the permissible block chain. Tool development work is done by the World Wide Web Consortium internal task group.n
nBut as part of the state block chain project, the pilot is not just about birth certificates.n
nJennifer O’Rourke, the state chain business liaison manager of the state, said the platform being designed will eventually bring a wider range of identity kits that users can use for years.n
nn”In this pilot, businesses and governments can verify and verify citizenship by encrypting access to verifiable statements.”n
nnWithin the proposed framework, the current government agency can verify personal information such as personal birth information, encrypted sign name, date of birth, blood type, and so on.n
nThis information is stored in tamper-resistant distributed books, and only the legal guardian can access it until the person concerned reaches the legal adult age. At the beginning of the pilot, the focus was on creating a user interface where both parents and doctors could digitize the birth certificate through this interface while supporting other back-end processes.n
nO’Rourke said the pilot will be completed in the “near”, the official statement will be announced next month at the Helsinki meeting in Finland “MyData2017 Conference”.n
nn”We will start from the child, and then ensure that the parents and doctors to capture this information.”n
n”These input points can not make static or papery”.n

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