In 2015 eleven bitcoin industry financing scale up.

In 2015 eleven bitcoin industry financing scale up.

The maximum financing $116 million cumulative financing deadline: March 2015: $121 million 50 thousand

Investors: AndreessenHorowitz, DataCollective, KhoslaVentures, RREVentures and YuanCapital.

Achievement: honor is perhaps the most, what the largest financing companies bitcoin field. The company announced the launch of a bitcoin mining computer will soon accept reservations, $400 / taiwan.

Maximum financing: $75 million

Deadline: January 2015

Total: $106 million financing

Investors: the New York stock exchange, BBVA, USAA, DoCoMo, DraperFisherJurvetson (DFJ) GrowthFund, TimDraper, UnionSquareVentures,

RibbitCapital, AndreessenHorowitz, VikramPandit and TomGlocer.

The achievements of Honor: a bitcoin payment in San Francisco start-up company, has applied for the state of New York BitLicense license. The service to extend the scope of Canada and Singapore in recent months. The UK allows customers to directly use credit card or debit card directly to buy bitcoin. In the earlier this year for a wide variety of bitcoin products for 9 patents.

Maximum financing: $50 million

Deadline: April 2015

Total: $76 million financing

Investors: Goldman, ID, BreyerCapital, GeneralCatalystPartners and AccelPartners capital.

Achievements and honors: due to be the first one to get financial services, the New York Department of BitLicense license of the company in the field of bitcoin this week and topped the headlines. The company updated series of application of Android, ISO and the web version, now renamed ‘CirclePay’.

Maximum financing: $30 million

Deadline: September 2015

Total: $43 million 700 thousand financing

Investors: visa, NASDAQ, Citibank, CapitalOne, Fiserv, Orange, KhoslaVentures, RREVentures, ThriveCapital, SVAngel, DavidCoulter, PeterDiamandis and KevinRyan.

The achievements of Honor: in the announcement: Chain said RREVentures founder JimRobinson will join the board of directors.

Maximum financing: $28 million

Deadline: May 2015

Total: $37 million financing

Investors: the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, futures, SeagateTechnology, AMECloudVentures, American ChinaRockCapitalManagement, ChinaGrowthCapital, WicklowCapital, BitcoinOpportunityCorp, CoreInnovationCapital, Route66Ventures, RREVentures, VastVenturesandVenture51.

Achievement of Honor: former US Treasury official MichaelBarr joined the board of RippleLabs advisory group.

Maximum financing: $25 million

Deadline: May 2015

Total: $28 million 250 thousand financing

Investors: RREVentures, LibertyCityVentures, JayWJordanII and JamesPallotta.

Achievement of Honor: according to Reuters, the New York banking regulatory authorities, bitcoin trading platform itBit has applied for a banking license in New York. ItBit announced the launch of global OTC trading services, this is a new five over-the-counter (OTC) service. The appointment of the general counsel NYDFS as general counsel of the platform and the chief compliance officer, former NSA employees joined the company’s Advisory group.

Maximum financing: $20 million

Deadline: July 2015

Total: $60 million financing

Investors: Georgia joint investment fund, DRWVentureCapital and iTechCapital.

The achievements of Honor: earlier this month in the bitcoin mining machine chip design 6nm. In order to solve the bitcoin confirmation and consensus on the issue, the support of JeffGarzik BIP100.

Maximum financing: $15 million

Deadline: February 2015

A total of $29 million financing

Investors: AccelPartners, GPBullhound, Creandum and MartinWattin.

Achievement of Honor: bitcoin mining machine manufacturer KnCMiner announced the deployment of “change the rules of the game” bitcoin ASIC machine in June September, plans to deploy the new mining equipment in northern sweden.

Maximum financing: $12 million 500 thousand

Deadline: June 2015

Total: $21 million financing

Investors: BeaconSecurities, ClarusSecurities and SalmonPartners.

Achievement Honor: Vogogo CEO GeoffGordon said the new financing will be used to purchase key, the security and compatibility of the company to become a.

Maximum financing: $12 million

The deadline of September 2015

Total: $14 million financing

Investors: ArborVentures, RREVentures and FirstRoundCapital.

The achievements of Honor: the company said that the funds will be used to further develop optimal remittance service APP and expand its range of services.

Maximum financing: $10 million

Deadline: May 2015

Total: $10 million financing

Investors: WhiteStarCapital and NorthzoneVentures.

The achievements of Honor: according to the website of the introduction, the Swedish company tried to build a bridge between traditional financial companies and block chain technology.

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