“In 2018 the United States emerging occupation report”: “block chain development” is the new position of America’s most popular

LinkedIn recently released through the analysis of the 2014 years between ~2018 LinkedIn Economic Graph data and the creation of the “2018 American emerging occupation report”, report shows that block chain development is a new position of America’s most popular.

The report pointed out that the block chain development has a very big demand in the United States, “block chain development” requirements than before the increase of 33 times. The main work place is in San Francisco, New York and Atlanta, the main industries include information technology and services, computer software and the internet.

The LinkedIn team for this result is not surprising, they mentioned “in the year of the block chain and encryption currency surge of interest,” block chain development ‘topped the list doesn’t make you feel shocked”.

From the last 12 months nearly $20000 high fall below $4000 recently, turbulent markets make crypto currency is increasingly well known. “What is bitcoin” become what is Google 2018 “……” First on the list, along with the rise of other encryption currency bitcoin, as the underlying technology of block chain is also of concern.

The first year of 2018 is called the blockchain. Encryption currency falling, bear market power, so that more and more people block chain separation technology bitcoin itself saw. Using block chain technology, many companies have layout related applications.

According to the report, the blockchain developer list of most companies including IBM, ConsenSys, Chainyard. According to the IBM Blockchain Hub web page display, block chain business scenarios including food security, Global trade supply chain, financial industry, advertising and publishing, government departments, insurance industry, networking and other seven scenarios reflect. The daily planet Odaily found out, only last week, IBM announced that the three different block chain technology cooperation, found its wide range of applications.

On December 13th, IBM and Telefonica in the implementation of cooperative block chain technology, to simplify the core business process, aimed at collection of different networks to improve the routing international calls, information reliability and transparency.

In December 12th, according to the India times, IBM is seeking cooperation with India telecom company, will provide mobile number portability (MNP) and incoming call blocking (DNC) blocks chain solutions.

In December 11th, IBM announced that it will cooperate with the Nigeria agricultural start-up companies Hello Tractor, the goal was to test the distributed ledger Technology (DLT) crop management system will help drive the sub Saharan farmers reduce the current high post harvest losses.

ConsenSys is a block chain application service platform, signed a memorandum of understanding with the male New Year 7 month to xiongan area on how to use block chain technology to build a smart city, provide software solutions and provide suggestions.

In spite of this, the next few years to block chain developers will continue to demand remains to be seen. It is worth noting that “blockchain” did not appear in 2017 20 of the most popular new jobs.

(I’m Odaily reporter for the daily planet Mu Showtime, exploring the real exchange block chain, broke the news, please add WeChat wsuixin12, please note Name, unit, position and reason.)

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