In all bit bifurcation coins, even more than bitcoin cash BCH is reduced to grade chicken ribs

Some time ago, bitcoin gold BTG Liao Xiang in the hands of the BTG coin sold to the BTG community, said a very wonderful, erected after his “heroic utterance” cut chives.

This is Liao Xiang’s words:

“Why do I sell my money when the price of money, rather than in the high priced to sell, which is cut chives?”

As the founder of BTG, Liao Xiang is very confident, mainly because there is bitcoin hand.

BTG just split currency bitcoin, in the final analysis is the “stones” the wrong time, you have to go back to basics, the reason that Mr. Liao heart is very clear.

Bifurcation of currency future road

Because bitcoin digital currency as gold in its globally recognized and accepted its businesses have been more and more. Bitcoin is a kind of important digital assets exist.

Although bitcoin face bears, but as long as there are enough consortium approval, bitcoin will not disappear, we said that after nearly 10 years, under the worst case, under the supervision of the strong force every jedi.

But for the bifurcation of currency bitcoin, the outcome is not the same.

Always think is the future of bitcoin bitcoin cash (BCH), but because in November 16th, again hard bifurcation, now faces all abandoned.

A bit of cash market downturn

1, encryption currency rating list released

The latest encryption currency rating, have bitcoin cash from the mainstream BCH level (A-), for the land level (B), chicken ribs which means that bitcoin cash investors being abandoned, may become the sacrifice.

Before November 16th, if all bitcoin cash hard bifurcation is hotly disputed, focus distribution after expansion.

Soon, the new mine pool waiting for miners to join. While many pool is waiting.

2, BCH price and low refresh

These days, bitcoin cash price soared, has set the lowest price. The current price of 620 yuan, has the equivalent of 20 of one.

Some digital currency exchange has the shelf bit (BCH) cash transactions, the investment enthusiasm of the market to a minimum.

The future trend is not optimistic, in the final analysis bit cash (BCH) has become the scapegoat for global market capitalization of digital assets.

Digital currency

3, the industry heavyweights BCH is not recommended because of what?

The market reflects the difference, while the industry heavyweights are not optimistic about the future cash bit (BCH), which may be the value of the expansion.

The original bit of cash (BCH) hard blowing drum bifurcation expansion is good, but it can not provide DAPP application scenarios that fall, its future space is very limited.

Admittedly, the current STO securitization token has a very broad space for imagination, no longer need to suck on bitcoin single digital assets, the future will be the entity passes an irresistible trend.

With diamonds, gold bit bit bit low, cash will not be able to bring more change.

Of course, BSV has the bright younger generation bitcoin, orthodox blood, or to go further. (grinding one network)

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