In an interview with the star | fire coins: Prime ladder price buy, seventh period will not increase

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 In an interview with the star | fire coins: Prime ladder price buy, seventh period will not increase

“This time of day and night to see Li Lin personally project, because the Prime high demands on the project specifications.” Weng Xiaoqi said.

Weng Xiaoqi is the Global CEO fire coins, “seventh flower”.

3 June 20, fire currency suddenly announced that Global will open fire coin money channel fire coins preferably in Singapore 3 26 April (Huobi Prime), while the on-line starting project Top Network. Even Japan, the major domestic trading platform launched a new trading channel, Prime launch will be a concern, but also to Top Network project quickly become the focus of hot pursuit.

Although the fire coins in many times and emphatically stressed that foreign Prime mode is not IEO, there are still a lot of voices came after another.

Prime is not to provide opportunities for early investors of the project cash? This pattern is not only to follow the trend of platform plate heat coins, how long can persist?

What requirements up to three, Prime lock design complex grab money mechanism and HT is how to design, how to ensure the rationality? What is Prime’s next project, what kind of project can Prime?

Facing all sorts of questions, in March 21st, the daily planet Odaily for an exclusive interview with Weng Xiaoqi.

He told the above questions a positive response, also revealed that their hands now have a lot of items to be selected, the project on-line fire coins Prime next week will be launched in 2~3.

“It is difficult to talk about the project, the need to persuade all flesh, the balance of various interests.” Talk to the depths, Weng Xiaoqi said. In the face of competing on the Prime project, he said, the essence of this model is none other marketing platform, only suitable for head + head exchange project.

The following is the interview:

“It’s hard to talk about the project, need to balance the interests of many parties

Q1: Huobi Prime rumor (hereinafter referred to as “Prime”) by Li Lin himself, after the daily planet interview with Top Network, the founder of Li Lin is also mentioned the initiative to find them, spend a lot of time to chat, is it?

Seventh: Yes, Prime coins in the fire in a very high standard, Li Lin Prime plays a very important role, and to look at the project, we introduced a block chain asset evaluation system of SMART Chain 2 to help us put some pre screening project, the project does not meet the standard to filter out, then to Li Lin. Two or three weeks have studied dozens of projects.

Q2:Prime is a set of project selection evaluation system? What dimensions is more important? To compare the value of what the track project?

Seventh: some, first with the SMART Chain 2 model was selected in line with our standard items, then mainly from the following dimensions to consider the quality of the project, this is Li Linqin’s own several dimensions:

The project has financial strength, not for financing: unlike IEO, Prime positioning is not a financing platform, but the project of community party early low price discount to sell the initial share of their own, we give to the holder of the HT and of course of this project is a good marketing opportunity, favorable to the to promote the development of the entire project.

The feasibility of the project landing: when a lot of projects just out of a powerful and unconstrained style, the concept looks very fierce, wait until the last to fall when it was discovered that the problem is not feasible, it is also the largest ICO era. We select the track is mainly related to infrastructure, such as the chain, is not limited to the public the main chain, the hope project is already landing scene, there are business transformation opportunities.

The economic design and passes the circulation structure is reasonable: if a reasonable design model, at the same time, the market value of circulation to be matched with the development stage of the project itself, talk to the white point is to control risk concentration zapan, sure everyone was afraid of being “cut”.

The founding team no evil history: We selected the project must not appear broken, the whole team’s record is clean and beautiful.

Q3: it is because Prime itself has to emphasize “early participants” to provide an exit channel, according to the daily planet to understand TOP’s investors, consultants, fund holdings through credit ratio is very high, the general investors would have worried about their zapan, you have what he terms it will. Let them pay a deposit?

In addition, according to the TOP Prime to let you speak on the price of them is profit, we see TOP investors are more actively with the publicity in Prime, how to negotiate?

Seventh: have the corresponding protective measures, this project belongs to us and the confidentiality clause, this can not be disclosed, but this measure is more strict.

Also you are right, this is difficult to talk about, we spent a lot of time to reach a balance and understanding of all aspects of TOP, a lot of investors, to convince the project and investors who resort discount is very difficult, the Prime project will certainly have to take a long time to do a background check is very deep, balance the interests of all parties.

The essence is dependent on fire currency platform influence to persuade them, he knew the project, the marketing opportunity is very rare. From the current situation is indeed to this effect.

Q4:Prime project launched the cycle?

Seventh: we announced Prime, a large number of projects take the initiative to come over, we are now in the hands of now there are many alternative projects, the early launch of the rhythm of the project may be quicker, give you an exclusive news, 2 to 3 weeks after we will launch a Prime project.

Q5:Prime’s first project did not participate in the second phase of the project began to threshold, you need 30 days before the average positions reached 500 HT in order to participate, this is to participate in the Prime users now still need to cover the HT?

Seventh: right, then revealed an exclusive news, we set the user positions the threshold is 1000HT, while HT was only 1 dollars in the first, the results of a recent rose too much, was adjusted to 500HT, because the project is near, is not the implementation of the rules, you can also participate in, experience, experience, second officially started. You say, we 2-3 weeks to push a project, you should now hold (HT), then we can meet the conditions of participation.

Prime is not IEO, even if the project will also consider

Q6: why set the “ladder price”? (TOP three price limit: $0.00177, $0.00213, $0.00255), each stage how to design pricing? Whether and cornerstone of discussion?

Seventh: will, this is a reasonable price to help market process, like the stock market before the opening day there will be an opening price, the opening price is by a group of traders trading down through the initial pre price, relatively scientific, express the relationship between supply and demand. Then a certain volatility in the price based on the price volatility will not give money.

Without this mechanism, there will be some friends of the situation, after the project launched after the opening was pulled up to several times suddenly smashed down, the risk is too big.

So we started to set up a fixed line, from the first turn of the third round of the trading price is not the same, each round will have a trading board, which are round after the end of the beginning of free trade stage. Free trade began trading on or HT, separated after a period of time (half to one day or so) will open USDT and BTC transactions on, we started when South Korea free trade station will be officially on this coin.

Q7: now the IEO model we certainly not directed to the value of the investment, the opening is waiting behind, a “run fast” game, how do you see?

Seventh: Friends of the business to a certain extent with a bad head, let everyone to form this cognitive tokens up to 10 times the line after this, we can see that we set up the purchase of three stage currency price increase is very small. Our hope is to achieve the steady rise in prices rose its token, is to continue to release good projects and continuous landing is directly proportional to the value, we will try to prevent its spike.

Q8: Although the pattern is different, or a lot of people think that Huobi Prime is a IEO, an Launchpad user through currency exchange in all the chips, directly with the project transaction; and Prime is directly open transactions, players transaction is the Top investment institutions and early investors, no essential difference between the two, how do you see?

Seventh: their essence is not the same. IEO well, first of all to a panic buying page, game player to give money, the project put money away, it will show the panic buying progress bar, this is actually trading in the primary market. A few days before their two secondary market transactions. So IEO has several typical characteristics: project financing; concept is independent of the level of the market to raise public offering; non continuous trading, only one initial start-up.

While Prime directly open two market transactions, the initial start-up is multi (early users, community members and private investors), continuous trading.

But our friends and solve the problem is the same, focusing head project, for their empowerment, and we are the head and feet before and after the exchange, is launched, so we often put us together. But the DNA is completely different.

Q9: if some of the projects have been on the other before the exchange, Prime will consider?

Seventh: Yes, as long as I just said that the project selection dimensions will be considered.

Q10: fire fire currency currency Prime in the entire ecosystem in what role?

Seventh: because the fire coins do early, early won the trust of a large number of users, after a long period of precipitation, fire currency in currency (BTC, ETH, EOS and other currencies) is a great advantage. But the fire coins in the layout of the small coins far enough money an advantage is “driven eye effect in small coins”.

The launch of the Prime is to make the fire coins in the layout of small coins, small money market is diversified, no matter how to grab, there will still be many high-quality projects, an exchange is endless. So overall we play is to consolidate our currency in the advantage of the depth distribution of small money market, Prime is a key US strategic layout.

This model is only suitable for head + head exchange project

Q11: Now on the market some projects, exchange and the media with plate cut chives case, what do you think of this industry “flooding” of the problem?

Seventh: cut a two times, you will not be deceived, these exchanges will lose their credibility. So my personal judgment is suitable for the “head exchange + head project”. Because the head of the project will not pick the “long tail” (small) exchange, they can only attract more bad projects, these projects have not so high attraction.

Q12: many people say that this model is not sustainable, up to two to three months or so, what do you think?

Seventh: actually this kind of pattern with you as a team, the team is a marketing strategy, for example, a restaurant would send prices low in order to attract users, let consumers taste after eating, give me a praise, or recommend some friends here, so with the fire of my restaurant. First there are many people who say that this model can not last long, but it still lasted many years, and now in the public comment on the still very fire, many platforms have “fight to purchase” function.

IEO is a profit sharing marketing model, according to this logic to understand, will also look at how far the industry how many good projects, and if our friends selected projects are rubbish project, the two or three months that this pattern is dead. If these projects do profit to the user, so the model can be sustained.

Q13: a lot of people say Ann Launchpad with money to raise public equity like, Prime is similar to A shares of preferred shares subscribed, are the traditional financial circles that play, do you agree?

Seventh: traditional finance exists for so many years, it is played for so many years Zhejichensha left behind, is a valuable experience.

The past is play new, has proved the value of the model, we designed this mode after the discovery of this hit new mode is really a bit similar, our heart is still relatively solid, because a completely innovative new model will inevitably have to spend some of the cost of verification.

Q14:Prime is also on the on-line trading system put forward new requirements, if a lot of people are afraid to grab a problem?

Seventh: some of our past trading system, there is a peak in the history of design, the average value of the transaction with a more secure buffer (buffer). But Prime has gathered head and head exchange project, will attract a large number of investors to panic buying amount, this may be beyond our original peak, so we do a lot of design to ensure that when a large number of users of the system will not come in at the bottom of the paralysis, is the need for several months in advance began to design and calculation. Now the peak can accommodate millions of users.

Q15: why the name “Prime”?

Seventh: I personally like to eat steak, just began to want to use what words to say “head project” of the concept, then think of the word “Prime” (Odaily Daily Planet note: the United States Department of agriculture the beef is divided into 8 grades, the highest grade is indicated by “Prime”).

Q16: the last question, why outsiders call you “seventh”?

Seventh: some of this story, from the beginning I enter the workplace do product manager, product manager, we used to call “chief guest”, because we have to solve the problem of users in the community.

When did the first product we pulled up a WeChat group, there are a lot of users in communication problems, I answered. Because my name is Weng Xiaoqi, was in the group name “seven”, but I think this is found when the amiable and easy of approach, chat with everyone in the group, no one talk to me. I wonder why we don’t talk to me, is not that I do not have the right to speak, so I had the name of “seventh”, to end after everyone came to me, lol (laugh).

Later, a lot of people say my name is hard to pronounce, but called “seventh” very smooth, so we always use this name, also to recall the first time to make good products at the beginning of the heart.

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