In British Iran students with bitcoin tuition, Iran will step in Venezuela?

In early November, the United States successfully to the bank settlement system on Swift, the request to cut off links with the global financial system in Iran. According to reports, which leads students to bypass banks using bitcoin tuition in foreign Iran.

Iran News Agency (Iranwire) explained to the British media: they use bitcoin and other encryption currency to obtain money. University of Cambridge (University of Cambridge) banking services many of the students in the UK have encountered problems.

British newspapers also reported that some British institutions suggest that these students to fly back to Iran, carrying a statutory cash back to the UK to pay fees, such as the University of Reading (University of Reading). For these students to take money out of borders, it may bring a series of legal problems for them.

In addition to the citizens of Iran, the Iran government may use encryption currency to escape economic sanctions. Fincen said that since 2013, there are at least 3 million 800 thousand dollars worth of bitcoin transactions in Iran every year.

The country may soon be Venezuela’s footsteps, launched a nationwide digital currency, trying to evade sanctions in a wider range. If this happens the government of Iran may seek the support of Russian experts. At the same time, the international exchange has been encrypted to stop providing services for customers in Iran, in order to avoid the risk of violating U.S. sanctions.

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