In July this year is expected to launch the CoolWallet card hardware Wallet

In July this year is expected to launch the CoolWallet card hardware Wallet

CoolBitX Technology is a bitcoin wallet hardware company located in Taiwan. The first product – CoolWallet hardware wallet is currently in beta, is expected in July officially on sale.

From the beginning of 2014 to the birth of the CoolWallet design concept, officially began in June 2014 March 2015 at Indiegogo research, the congregation raised platform at one month time to the target successfully raised $twenty thousand. After the whole year, CoolWallet has finally launched, is expected to be officially on sale in July this year. When the user can purchase in the official website of and amazon. 同时,除了线上交易,CoolWallet正在全球各地部署零售点,用户可以在零售点就近体验购买。

Credit card cold wallet, safety and convenience into account

CoolWallet design philosophy is to become a convenient and secure hardware wallet, hit a few highlights: with Bluetooth and NFC as the connection mode, a credit card can be displayed on the screen size, balance, OTP, send the address, the amount and so on.

CoolWallet as a credit card style hardware purse, its security is mainly through the following points: first, it is the guarantee of a cold wallet multiple encryption; secondly, cards and mobile phone users can bind, bind three mobile phone support; in addition, a one-time password, to prevent the operation of mobile phone theft trojan in the user’s knowledge of the situation.

In addition, CoolWallet has also designed some fun and practical “watchdog” and “tap tap” function.

The watchdog function refers to the user when CoolWallet exceeds the set distance, the mobile phone will send warning reminder, in order to prevent the wallet stolen in the user unknowingly;

The “tap tap” function is more convenient in the one-time password link, just tap the wallet, the password will be automatically input to the mobile phone, greatly reducing the tedious procedures for the use of hardware wallet.

CoolBitX Technology co-founder Ou Shimai said:

“The use of bitcoin popularization must rely on a convenient and safe storage. The web wallet, wallet and other software are not safe, is not convenient. So we designed a mobile phone can send through the transaction signature, and network isolation hardware wallet. The reason why we designed it as a credit card size, is to let users on the wallet, improve convenience.”

It is reported that in the future, CoolWallet will also launch API to Bitcoin POS machine and Bitcoin ATM integration, so that users can use the card in the two places (without mobile phone) and direct store transactions.

The popularity of digital assets, education must be implemented

CoolBitX CEO Shimai ou think,

“The core value of digital assets is highly convenient, compared with the characteristics of internationalization and credit cards more secure. To achieve the popularization of digital assets, education must be implemented, and the way of education through various media, university lectures, classes, the United States has university digital currency and block chain course. In addition to the core value of education itself, but also to educate the masses how to use the right way to use and storage.”


The European Shimai will lecture at the Shanghai summit in June 23, 24 digital assets held on the theme of “committed to improving the environment of digital assets”. He talked about,

“The next generation of bitcoin exchange would be half to the center, imagine a btctrade/Mt Gox/Bitstamp, the same mechanism for the sale of a single Po, but do not need to bitcoin on the platform, but their preservation. Until the completion of the transaction of the moment, only to the bitcoin buyers through direct send automatic mechanism. For example, the user as long as CoolWallet, we can in the transaction trading platform bitcoin, without the need to store bitcoin platform. In other words, there will be no Mt Gox this bitcoin centralized management, theft, loss of the. We believe that the risk is very important for users to exchange.”

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