In November 21st, price analysis: unstable currency market, bitcoin currency decline, followed by ether

The market continued to fall, panic selling pressure have emerged, the market extremely fragile.

Normally the BCH bifurcation hard and will not cause the overall market had collapsed, we do not focus on the imitation OK to modify the index and the price of BUG. The futures contract has fueled the help or effect, and even the decline will lead to that the chain warehouse explosion resulted in the pattern of killing.

BTC technical support in recent years has been below all the short-term recommended wait for market cooling. But it is worth noting that while the continuous part of the currency does not follow the BTC break at the end of the collapse, is different from the past when BTC fell, the remaining currencies are very sensitive. For example, in XRP yesterday even contrarian remained near the flat, EOS relative resilience. This is also reflected in the proportion of BTC, the overall market value fell below $150 billion mark, to $145 billion 200 million. While the proportion of BTC is 53.5%, the flow of funds and not because of falling all hide into the BTC hedge, but choose to turn into the mainstream currency, BTC status is shaken need follow-up observation.

The overall amount of energy is continuously enlarged, counter chaos, but on the other hand also represents is willing to undertake. The volume again exceed 200 billion dollars mark, to 245 million.


No signs of short-term and steady, and the same piece of argument, so if the pursuit of short-term funds benefit, will recommend the exit, if you can to hold for the long term, while cheaper to purchase.

From the point of view and not the daily pattern, below has no effective support, operations are currently in the guess at the end stage, short-term to stabilize also mark all need to stand back to $5000, or belong to weak order, and to prevent persistent low breaking; by the hour line, try BTC in the 4500 hit bottom, here can be considered low, and set strict stop loss, there might be excess profits. MCAD fell below the 0 axis, the medium-term trend empty. KD has entered a low passivation stage, short-term rebound Kongpan but beware of the air. Support: 4460 Pressure: 4920 Rebound pressure: 5250 View: To observe whether BTC continued downward low, not below 4500. Need to stand back to 5000 only short-term signs of stabilization. The proportion of BTC and not with the decline of height rise, on behalf of all the funds did not turn into the BTC BTC hedge, challenging position. ETH/USD

With the collapse of BTC fell, short-term also recommended safe.

Will this morning to short-term shocks low of 130 as the support, as long as no 150 to recover before all belong to the weak rebound, to expand the normal rebound must break the price, if the panic fell below 130 will also open a new wave of selling pressure. MACD officially fell below the 0 axis, medium-term trend to the short side, KD has been oversold regional consolidation, at any time there is a rebound may be short-term. Support: 130 Pressure: 150 Rebound pressure: 160

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