In order to prevent fraud Facebook shielding and other digital currency bitcoin advertising

In order to prevent fraud Facebook shielding and other digital currency bitcoin advertising


Beijing time on January 31st morning news, Facebook said it would shield the platform bitcoin, including all advertising and digital encryption currency related, in order to prevent advertisers to promote the company called “is often associated with misleading and deceptive acts to promote financial products and services” advertisement.

Facebook said in a blog post, all advertisers, and even the formal registration of legitimate business, can be released like bitcoin digital encryption currency, two yuan, and the first option (binaryoptions) (Initialcoinofferings, ICO) token offering relevant advertisement.

This would mean that “digital encryption currency genius” James Altuchel (JamesAltucher) will not be able to advertise in the Facebook. His ads across the Internet, almost the entire digital encryption currency industry memorandum.

In violation of the Facebook new advertising regulations ads will not appear advertising in its core App and other Facebook platforms, such as Instagram’s photo sharing community and Facebook AudienceNetwork advertising system dedicated to selling advertising in the third party on the platform.

Facebook advertising department director Rob Leathern (RobLeathern) wrote in the post: “we want to let users through the Facebook platform advertising to find new products and services at the same time from fraud and misleading problems, there are a lot of promotion ICOs, two yuan, plus options and digital currency companies all harbour evil designs. The new advertising regulations at first wide coverage, this is to detect all fraud and misleading advertising has. As our technical promotion, will be appropriate to modify the regulations.”

The rise of digital encryption currency has led to fraud, its price volatility has also led to some investors, including inexperienced consumers losing a lot of money. Fraud is illegal, but they do not understand the investment bet is not illegal.

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