In the first half of 2017, the Fidelity Charitable fund raised $ 9 million in Bitcoin

nnnAs the second largest subsidized charitable fund in the United States after the Gates Foundation, Fidelity Charitable, a Fidelity Charitable fund associated with Fidelity Investments, a co-fund giant, published an annual report showing that the total donation for the charity project in the first half of this year exceeded The total amount of the past 26 years. Because the beginning of 2015 to accept Bitcoin, attracting non-traditional assets, expanding the scope of the donor.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nFidelity Charitable Annual Report, a donation fund associated with Fidelity Investments, a common fund giant, raised $ 9 million in bit currency in the first half of the year.n
nIn 2016, $ 7 million was raised, Fidelity Charitable’s recent surge in donations was only $ 2 million last year. Annual report revealed that the beginning of this year a variety of funding channels to provide “nearly two billion dollars.”n
nThe report said, “the first half of the company charitable projects received donations over the past 26 years.”n
nA few weeks before the report, CEO of Fidelity discussed the company’s interest in the chain chain, particularly the public chain and the encrypted currency, at the CoinDesk consensus conference (Consensus 2017).n
nFidelity’s charity project began to accept Bitcoin by the end of 2015, noting that bit-currency donations were a way of attracting non-traditional assets and expanding the scope of donors.n

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