In the novel, “love has loved you and me” tiktok. Ruan Xi, Gu Yichen and Bai Suya read the full text for free

Novel: tears falling into the palm

Author: little bee

Leading role: cool summer night, Si night Qing

Type: overbearing president

Introduce: “the kiss of falling tears” is also known as “love has been attached to you and me” Ruan Xi has been doomed to today’s tragedy from the beginning of liking Gu Yichen. She should not, should not, should not hit the south wall, do not know to turn back. Now her baby is about to give birth, but the man who is her husband doesn’t care and even threatens her divorce with the child’s life. At this moment, physical pain is far less severe than mental pain. The man Ruan Xi falls in love with is actually a bloodthirsty devil

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Chapter 1 please let me have the baby

“Si Yeqing, I beg you, let me go to the hospital, I really want to have a baby…” Xia Wanliang kneels in the snow and ice, facing the man in the villa, humbly pleads, “the child has been eight months old, is a moving, living life…”

The door of the villa is open, but no one is seen. There are only two strong bodyguards standing at the door.

Staring at the cool summer evening, she was not allowed to enter the house for heating, and she was not allowed to leave the villa yard without permission.

Between the legs a burst of wet, is her amniotic fluid broken, labor pains come, she is cold in summer evening, almost kneeling, soft body to the ice and snow.

“Si Yeqing, please, let me go to the hospital?”

She cried again and again until her voice was hoarse and her stomach ache almost fainted. Then the figure of the man finally appeared.

He stood at the door, staring at her in disgust.

“Si Yeqing, the child is also your own flesh and blood. Now she will be full-term soon. I beg you to let me go to the hospital and give birth to her!” Summer night cool holding the bulging big stomach, hard to lie in the past, want to pull Si night Qing’s leg, was his disgusting escape.

“It’s cool in summer. Do you want a divorce?”

The summer evening is cool a Leng, murmured: “our child is about to give birth to…”

Si night Qing disgusted frown: “that for me, just a cheap species! Summer night cool, I never want this child, is your own, carrying secretly pregnant! Now you are going to be born. If you have the ability, you will be born here! If you can’t give birth and suffocate that child, you deserve it

Summer night cool eyelashes tremble, cold tears fall.

“Si Yeqing, how can you be so cruel? Anyway, this is your own flesh and blood, too

“It’s cool at night in summer. Do you think you’re everything?” Si Ye Qing’s expression is cruel and cold, like the devil coming out of hell, “what comes out of your belly will only make me sick! This child, I won’t! You want to go to the hospital and have a baby, it’s a dream! “

In a word, completely trampled on the hope of a cool summer evening.

Lead gray sky, silent floating snowflakes, whirling down in the summer night cool black messy hair, and curled eyelashes, beautiful and miserable.

“Si Yeqing, can’t I beg you?” The stomachache was severe. The baby who was about to be born kept kicking and kicking her belly. The amniotic fluid gradually dried up between her legs, and the scarlet blood gushed out slowly.

Dazzling red ice and snow.

Summer night cold cover stomach, difficult kneel up, to Si night Qing non-stop kowtow.

“I beg you, I will kneel down and kowtow to you!” Her forehead hard hit the ice and snow, “Si Ye Qing, let me give birth to the child, I beg you.”

Si night Qing drooping eyes, eyes still have no half of feelings, coldly watching the summer evening cool.

“It’s cheap. It makes me sick and nauseous to think of my blood and merge with such a bitch as you.”

In the summer evening, cool fingernails pinched the ice and snow hard, and her forehead was against the ground, and her tears flowed back.

“Yes, I’m a slut. I don’t deserve to marry you.” She closed her eyes, abandoned all dignity, “Si Yeqing, let me give birth to the child, I agree to divorce, immediately leave, as long as you, let my child, safe birth.”

She has made the final compromise, but Si Ye Qing responded with a sneer full of sarcasm.

“Oh.” He said clearly and cruelly, “it’s too late for you to agree to divorce now. I won’t let you go to the hospital and give birth to this ugly child. Even if you were born in the snow today, I will not hesitate to strangle her! “

Summer night cool back mercilessly tremble, can’t believe lift eyes, despair sad looking Si night Qing.

“As for the divorce, you don’t agree today. In the future, I have many ways to force you to kneel down and give me consent!”

He threw down the words without any emotion, turned around and slammed the door of the villa.

If you don’t look at it again, it’s cold in the snow with a big stomach and half body blood

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Chapter 2 please, help me

My stomach is getting more and more painful. It’s really going to be born in summer

She crawled to the door of the villa and smashed it.

“Si Ye Qing, you open the door, I beg you, let me go to the hospital…” she cried with tears on her face, and the blood donation from her legs gushed out, wetting the skirt and the floor of snow, which was shocking.

Even the two bodyguards guarding the door looked moved.

“Si Yeqing, open the door!” Summer evening cool fingers gradually no strength, weak knock on the door, “I beg you… The child is about to come out… You let me go to the hospital, I can promise you anything.”

The door was still closed and there was no sound inside.

Si Ye Qing ignored her at all.

Summer evening cool finally powerless, climbed on the floor, was abdominal bursts of colic, tortured with cold sweat, pale face.

It really hurts

If she didn’t go to the hospital, would she die in this yard with her children?


Summer night cool hands on the belly, she died even if, but the child can not die with her like this.

She has not yet been born, has not looked at this colorful world, can not be so stillborn.

Summer night cold crawling, to the villa door to climb.

She’s going out for help

The two bodyguards looked at each other and thought of Si Yeqing’s cruel and cruel means. After all, they did not dare to let Xia Wanliang leave like this. They stepped forward and blocked the way of Xia Wanliang.

“Miss Xia, I’m sorry, but we can’t let you leave here without your master’s permission.”

In the summer evening, the face was blue and white, the tears almost became thin ice on the cheek knot, and the appearance was miserable to the extreme.

“My child and I are dying… You’re murder!”

The two bodyguards looked slightly moved, but after all, they still said, “I’m sorry, Miss Xia. Who told you to offend the young master… If you kept a distance from the young master from the beginning, you would not end up today… “

Summer night cool despair and pain closed her eyes, yes, all blame herself.

From like Si Ye Qing, that man, did not give her a good face, is her own stupidity, thought that for a long time can give birth to love, this man, will eventually be moved by himself one day.

But when she fell deeper and deeper, she found that the man’s heart was made of stone.

Never be moved, never soft to her.

He just wanted to kill her. He wanted to make her miserable!

“Good pain…” the summer evening cool curls up the body, is dyed red skirt by the blood, drags out the long trace in the snow.

The two bodyguards looked away from each other and couldn’t bear to look again.

Abdominal pain is stronger and stronger. The child who is eager to be born is struggling in her stomach

But the movement of struggling gradually became weak

Without amniotic fluid and unable to be born in time, the baby began to suffocate.

Summer evening cool empty soft body, suddenly gush out strength.

She can’t just sit there and die!

We must give birth to children!

Prop up the body, summer night cool continue to climb to the side of the security room, she wants to own the child, born!

She was covered with blood and hair in disorder. She was as miserable as a ghost crawling out of hell. As soon as people in the security room saw her, they immediately avoided her and left the room empty for the summer evening.

As it happens, in the security room, there is a landline connecting to the outside.

Summer evening cool quickly grabbed the landline and dialed the emergency telephone.

A moment later, the siren of the ambulance sounded sharply.

In the summer evening, Liang supported the wall, stood up with difficulty, supported his abdomen, and walked to the iron door of the villa step by step.

“Help…” she cried with all her strength, “help!”

The two nurses in the ambulance ran towards the cool summer evening. Seeing her covered with blood, they were surprised and asked, “what’s going on?”

“Help Summer evening cool grip nurse’s hand, murmured repeatedly, “help me and the child, we are going to die!”

Two bodyguards stood behind Xia Wanliang, in front of the people in the hospital, but they didn’t dare to stretch out their hands.

“Open the door! Let’s take this lady, or we’ll call the police! ” A doctor trotted over.

Two bodyguards forced to helpless, can not really let the doctors call the police, make a big deal, was about to open the door, Si Yeqing suddenly opened the door, long legs came out.

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Chapter 3 postpartum hemorrhage

“It’s cool late in summer.” Si night Qing a mouth, let the atmosphere of the whole yard, instant cold.

He was tall and slender, his face was cold as frost, and his cold eyes were even more majestic. If he swept them at will, he would show a chill from the bottom of his heart.

“If you just go out today and give birth to that bastard in your stomach, not only you, but also your parents, I won’t let them feel better.” He stood one meter away, staring at the cool summer evening with no tenderness on his face.

Summer evening cool press the finger of abdomen slowly force.

Through the soft belly, the child gently kicked her palm… This is her child, she can’t compromise

“Help me.” Summer evening cool staggered Si night Qing terrible sight, begged to look at the nurse and doctor, “please, help my belly child…”

“This gentleman.” The nurse couldn’t help saying, “no matter what kind of grudges you have with this lady, but life matters. We can’t just sit around and ignore it. Please open the door, or we’ll call the police immediately and call the reporters to come over!”

Si night Qing did not look at those nurses at all, he was just cold and cruel, swept a glance at the summer evening cool.

“Cool in summer, remember your choice today, and don’t regret it later.”

With that, he turned and disappeared into the villa.

“Open the door, open the door!” In the summer evening, he did not care about the cold threat in his attitude, but wanted to escape immediately.

Two bodyguards then opened the door, summer night cool was held by nurses, sent to the ambulance.

All the way to the hospital.

The abdominal pain is more and more intense, but the movements of the fetus in the stomach are also becoming weaker and weaker

“It’s too late!” The nurse looked at the cool summer evening, grabbed her hand and said, “do you have any strength? We are going to have a baby in the car!”

“Strength!” In the summer evening, he gritted his teeth and grasped the armrest of the ambulance.

Even if she had been trapped in the snow for too long, her physical strength was almost exhausted, but now, even if she was desperate, she would give birth to the baby safely!

Hang infusion water on the back of the hand, cool in the summer evening, so in the ambulance, began to give birth to children.

“Force The nurse pressed her leg and kept shouting, “if you don’t give birth to the baby quickly, it will be dangerous! Come on, push harder. “

Summer night cold gritted his teeth, full of cold sweat, was the same as the pain of tearing, tortured to roar.

Under the body, gradually there is blood gushing out

“No good, you start bleeding, can’t continue to live…” the nurse kept wiping the blood between her legs, “or you may bleed to death!”

Summer night cool head, pale face, cold sweat wet the hair on the cheek edge, embarrassed and tragic.

“It doesn’t matter to me. The child must be born! Please, let me have the baby

The nurse hesitated and said, “but in this way, you may really die…”

“If I die, I will give birth to the child safely.” Cool summer night, eyes firm and resolute.

The nurse sighs, can only let the summer evening cool continue to live.

The ambulance was rickety and was about to arrive at the hospital. There was a traffic jam again. The long traffic flow completely blocked the road.

Summer night cool buckle the ambulance bar, hissing and screaming

“Wow -” the child, finally born.

But the cool legs in the summer evening also gushed out a lot of blood.

“No, postpartum hemorrhage!” The nurse screamed in panic and urged the driver, “go to the hospital! Give the patient a blood transfusion

“The traffic is still blocked. I can’t walk at all.”

The driver is very helpless, anxious, can not stop honking the horn.

But this urge sound, disappeared in the noisy Road, has no effect.

Only the blood between the cool legs in the summer night keeps pouring out

“Let me have a look at the child…” she reached out weakly, her face was bloodless, “let me have a look, my child…”

The nurse rushed the child over.

Xia Wanliang looked at her daughter’s pink face, gently hooked lips and smile, eyelids, but slowly closed

“Miss Xia, don’t go to sleep!” The nurse grabbed her hand, trying to keep the summer night cool.

However, the physical strength of her whole body was exhausted in the process of production. She really had no strength to keep awake

Blood between the legs, the ambulance, eye-catching red

The traffic jam, finally began to move.

The driver stepped on the gas pedal and rushed all the way into the hospital, pushing the comatose summer evening cool to the rescue room.

The hospital contacted her husband, Si Yeqing, according to the rules.

“Hello, Mr. Si, this is the hospital. Your wife is suffering from postpartum hemorrhage. She is just in critical condition. Can you come to the hospital now?”

“It’s cold in the summer evening?” On the other side of the phone, there was a mellow and cold man’s voice.

“Yes, she…”

“Then let her die. I don’t care.” A word to throw over, Si night Qing, directly hung up the phone.

I’m extremely heartless.

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Chapter 4 don’t want the child

“Then let her die. I don’t care.” A word to throw over, Si night Qing, directly hung up the phone.

I’m extremely heartless.


The people in the hospital were stunned for a moment. They had never seen such a cold husband. They could only turn around and call their parents in summer evening.

Fortunately, after four bags of blood transfusion, the cold body condition in summer evening was stable.

By the time she woke up, it was already the afternoon of the next day.

Mother Su Qin watched by the bed and asked her with concern, “how are you doing in the evening?”

“I’m ok…” the summer evening cool subconsciously touches the abdomen, anxiously asks, “where is my child…”

Su Qin said helplessly: “the child… In the incubator.”

The summer evening was cold and uneasy: “is it because of premature delivery that she is in the incubator? I’m going to see her… “

Su Qin quickly helped Xia Wanliang and said, “Wanliang, that child… She has congenital heart disease, and may not live long.”

“What?” Summer evening cool, dizziness in front of me, “Mom, don’t make fun of me. When I was pregnant, the prenatal examination said that the child was very healthy! How could she be ill? “

Su Qin sighed: “because the amniotic fluid breaks too early, the child suffocates in your stomach for too long, which leads to physical problems… The doctor said that heart disease is only one of them, and her intelligence is also very likely to have problems.”

Xia Wanliang’s body swayed and she slipped to the ground. Su Qin quickly helped her and comforted her: “don’t worry too much about it. You are still young, and the child can regenerate…”

“No…” Xia Wan Liang shook his head, “she is my daughter, I can’t give up her like this! Can heart disease be cured? I will cure her

Summer night cool insist, push away mother, stagger to go out.

All the way to the baby room, she finally met the frail little daughter in the incubator.

So delicate body, but full of all kinds of cold pipes, do not know how painful

Summer night cool eye socket, suddenly red, quickly find a doctor, ask how to treat the daughter’s heart disease.

“The probability of complete cure is very small… We can only say that we can control it, but even if it is, the possibility that she can grow up safely is very low…” the doctor said with a heavy face, “if you have to save this child, you can only go abroad, ask experts for surgery, and cooperate with the most advanced treatment plan, then you can save the child, and you have to go abroad as soon as possible…”

As soon as possible

Summer evening cool immediately began to contact the hospital and experts, query a variety of treatment.

But the cost of going abroad, the cost of treatment and surgery, added up to five million!

The child is still too young, all the drugs used are incomparably expensive.

So much money, summer night cool even if sell all the real estate, also not enough, can only find parents to borrow.

“It’s not just a child’s heart disease now. Even if you cure her, she may be a fool when she grows up.” Su Qin advised, “such a child will only affect your life! Listen to mom and give up the child. “

Summer night cold red eyes shake his head: “no, in any case, I must save the child!”

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Chapter 5 don’t want to see him again

Su Qin can’t persuade Xia Wanliang to be stubborn. She can only agree with her and help her to make up five million yuan.

Although their family runs a company, they can’t get such cash at the moment. The family is discussing to move part of the activity funds from the company, plus the deposit, just can.

But just the next day, the company suddenly appeared a financial crisis.

Investors have withdrawn their shares, and even the large and small contracts negotiated before have been broken. Otherwise, the company’s products are out of order and customers claim huge compensation.

After a series of attacks, let the Xia family’s company completely disordered, an extra money, also can’t draw out.

Not only that, in just a few days, my father sold several properties in order to make up for the broken capital of the company.

“Cool in the evening…” less than a week later, Suqin had already boiled her white hair and looked haggard. “Are you going to think about your child’s illness? If you look at the current situation at home, you really don’t have money. You have to go and treat the child… “

Summer night cool close her eyes, she knows that the home has become like this, because of what.

Si night Qing threatened her words, come true.

He wants her, as well as the whole Xia family, to live in peace.

“Mom, I’ll do it myself.” Xia Wanliang took Su Qin’s cold hand and said in a low voice, “I will also try to solve the company’s problems…”

Su Qin sighed and shook her head: “this time, we Xia family, this is not to offend anyone, unexpectedly was so targeted… This is to kill our Xia family!”

Xia Wanliang’s heart is even more in debt. It’s all because of her willful behavior that the Xia family fell into this situation, as well as the child’s illness, and also because she failed to get to the hospital in time

No, the most important reason is actually Si Yeqing.

It was he who, step by step, forced her, and their daughter, the Xia family, into such a desperate situation.

Why did she fall in love with such a vicious man?

Summer evening cool again to the baby room, see the daughter of the thermos bucket.

Because of her heart problems, she was given injections every day. At a young age, she was suffering from pain and suffering

In the summer evening, her eyes turned red. She pinched her daughter’s small hand and choked: “don’t worry, mother will cure you! No matter what the price is! “

Made up her mind, the summer evening cool initiative, back to that once tormented her distressed villa.

She wants to see Si Yeqing.

But Si night Qing does not see her, even does not let her step into the villa door half step.

She waited at the door for three days, but did not see Si Yeqing. Instead, Bai Suya, her former best friend, made up a lie and made her a liar in Si Yeqing’s eyes.

And the other party, embezzled the credit of the cool summer evening, jumped into the Department night Qing on the top of the heart of the woman.

Can be two years ago, that desperate, save Si night Qing a life, clear is her summer night cool, not Bai Suya!

“It’s cold in the evening. I haven’t seen you for a long time…” Bai Suya, wearing the latest Dior long skirt, is elegant and beautiful. She walks slowly to the front of Xia Wanliang with high heels. “It’s said that you have recently given birth to a sick daughter. It’s really tragic… Didn’t your ancestors accumulate virtue? Now it’s been rewarded. Tut… The child is so poor. “

She was elated with a smile, said every word, straight stabbed at the bottom of the summer night cold heart pain.

“Bai Suya, don’t be complacent! Sooner or later, I will expose your true face, let Si Yeqing see, what kind of a vicious and disgusting woman you are

Bai Suya picked up her eyebrows and laughed, “is that right? It’s cool in summer. You want to see Si Yeqing in the villa now, right? I can take you in… “

The summer evening cool clenched the finger, pursed the lip not to speak.

“Of course, I can take you in right away, and I can also let Si Yeqing, who will never see you in this life, let your daughter and your company of Xia family all die!” She drew up red lips, eyes full of calculation, “summer night cool, do you want to go in to see Si night Qing?”

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