In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

A few hours of continuous fighting, Paul stand tall body, brought a blanket to the pillow can be.

“It seems you are going to sleep here?” I asked.

“I probably rate will not sleep, it is only alternative.” Paul turned down eyes, then hugged pillow play selling horror, “I was homeless baby.”

Paul’s teammate Brandon do not love the organizers provide China dishes and pizza buffet very place Curry Chicken and egg curry. By eating space, we talked to Paul prominent family history and Chinese history, the team of programmers immediately turned to their computer bulkhead.

This is almost 12 in the evening, here is at the University of Oxford School of mathematics basement. With Paul sitting here, mostly Oxford computer science and math students, Oxford graduates, in-service software engineers, block chain entrepreneurs, digital Monetary Fund traders…… They have a common identity here, hackers (hacker). They sat together in groups, most of it in front of the computer work, analysis or programming, design or product UI, or find information data.

Local time on October 20th, by Dorahacks (a geek organization) held a hacker marathon start here. Here, the hacker (hacker) is not “black people system”, but “to solve the problem of the person (usually a programmer, using technology to solve)”.

Contestants will be given or any block and chain related problems, and try to make as much as possible within 24 hours of a product or a demo, finally they vote for the winner. For them, on this occasion all but the most common.

 In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

“Harry Porter” Christ Church (viewfinder is the first one with the hat, the dining hall), 2 km away from me. First came to the world famous Oxford Town, I was in the hospital building of Department of mathematics of bottom, with a group of programmers in the night?! (the night before the event, I was in College Listening to an old grandpa all old buildings ghost story.)

 In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

This is not the Oxford Christ Church filter

Later I found that interesting than I imagined. In order to transfer at the scene to observe the feeling with you, I have a soul of torture.

Who they are, where they come from: there are multinational and “ come from another planet

Most of the participants come from Oxford near London, in addition to Brandon. He is devoted to fly from the United States to participate in the hacker marathon.

This month, Brandon Angela Dorahacks found the British friends invited to attend the event, Brandon.

He spoke with Angela process realized are a wave of Sao operation. London venture Brandon ready to 3 years ago, the landlord know Angela in Airbnb. Brandon also too poor to pay the rent. The king wanted to live? “Do not pay for the rent, I teach programming.” (later asked Angela, in fact Brandon is not no money, is not legal tender, so she accept bitcoin…… Now she is in Shanghai and Beijing as well as a digital currency quantization team).

I had to laugh at him: “boss, you have to open a company, but also can not afford to pay the rent.”

He stared said: “we are startups.” – on the entrepreneurial life suffer hunger and cold.

They also didn’t graduate from university. Senior Engineer Brandon who is 10 years of programming experience, and not successfully graduated from college, but in the junior year by UT (Texas University at Austen, the famous American public university). Because when he enrolled in computer science scores enough professional (CS), but the child has always been to three reluctant to choose other professional…… Would rather be dismissed, also killed not choose outside the CS course. It is true love

 In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

Brandon suddenly taken up painting

The morning when not many people, I early with a team from London to chat with hacker, 5 of them are programmers, but only 2 in hackathon. Small beautiful blonde Violine is the Department of mathematics of University of Oxford sophomore student, to change the Restroom organizers asked to wear clothes on the road, the way to flirt with them, “feel shy, this is my first time to attend the Hackathon, I think you look as though you really understand the way, can you tell me why we need in general?”

 In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

The little sister ask Daniel Violine

In 3 Hackathon’s little brother Fred is awesome to guide: “first, to determine what you want to do; and then start to determine your programming language before, there are a lot of tools can help you save time, for example, if you use JavaScript, you can directly use the Library resources, this is the biggest code library.” At this point in the side of the Bulgarian Lvaylo brother began to change clothes self-assured or supercilious, Cool~

In many young players, there is a tall bald black uncle Paul, his name is green, indicating that he had no prior team. In hackathons, advance team or team can live alone, Paul teammates mostly realized that day.

Paul side is a Chinese woman and a big beer belly with grandpa. Others thought he was the grandfather, joked: “I come from the headquarters of the alien, let me disguised as a professor.” I think he is the beginning, Grandpa was playing with me: “I come from alien, the headquarters of this let me disguised as a professor.” Until the old grandpa took the name card, I only know that he is a sales manager for a London startup, Paul is the company’s CTO. This is his game 7 Hackathon this year to participate in the group, then they project is his company’s project, and his last at Hackathon for a programmer.

 In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

Black brother Paul

Why do they come: and I don’t make me why I’m here, choose me

“My name is XX, this is my first time to hackathons, I also don’t make me why I’m here.”

“I absolutely ignorant of block chain, I am here to learn. Well…… Choose me!”

 In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

Self introduction part

Can be seen from self introduction and team, many participants do not understand what is the blockchain or hacker marathon.

Almost all the team team after the first piece is popular, what is the block chain, what is a stable currency, what is bitcoin……

“Oxford student group 1, engineering college sophomore Chinese small brother to assume for the rest of three CS and a mathematical explanation of bitcoin task team. He picked up a piece of paper, all the common central bank example, began to explain the principle of bitcoin operation.

 In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

A group of Chinese students in Oxford, little brother bitcoin principle in Science

“Oxford student group No. two” by 5 Chinese students in London and a block chain of entrepreneurs (his company called partial f). It is a Chinese little brother is handsome to explain what is the quantitative trading, futures, and cross market arbitrage: ideally, futures market price should be with the spot market volatility and synchronous fluctuations, however in reality, the transmission time difference exists. For example, the spot futures rose, supposedly will certainly rise, it is only a matter of time. If someone can buy in the futures market to reflect before, reflecting after sold, to a certain extent is equivalent to no risk arbitrage.

 In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

Oxford students in group II, the Chinese who explain quantitative trading knowledge

 In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

Oxford student group No. two only a foreigner

“We can use the selection of exchange price weighted average spot market price.” He chose Bitfinex, fire currency, currency security, futures market, okex and BitMEX etc.. Obviously, they want to design a futures trading can achieve the application of cross market arbitrage. The other group projects, almost all financial and related, such as analysis, quantitative transaction data block chain version of the P2P platform, can track the flow of funds financing system, personal identity data authorization management system, the weakest is related to the property registration system on a chain. However, the team said the application scene, or an insurance audit case. Only a sigh, is worthy of the world financial center……

Having decided to make money by way of cross market arbitrage, my young friends began to think of the division of labor, may use the database to store data, then, we suddenly worried about their own money Maiyun server resource problem. Very little brother again and said, “don’t worry about money, not much money.”

The exchanges of the top brother, currency speculation more than 1 years. Asked “made it”, his shy smile: “money”.

The programmer Chai participated in at least 5 block chain Hackathon, but still do not understand what is a stable currency, then to the teacher for help. In another group of teammates to explain the data exchange data between teammates and chain.

 In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

What is a stable currency? Please explain the tutor greatly

The hacker marathon full of all the tall fantasy I thought, here are a group of geeks should God, saying I don’t understand the language. Did not think there are a lot of people like me, it is the first time the hacker marathon, even on the blockchain almost without understanding.

I told the local sponsor Zeroline Josef joint venture Hazi chat. He felt the British Hackathon culture is not so mature. “Can you hear from your self introduction, most of the people is the first time that they are learning.” He was at MIT University, where is the birthplace of the hacker culture, even the business students can feel him at MIT for hacker marathon mania.

The study of Chinese experience of Microsoft and Google and other large companies held a hacker marathon Mr.Li that hackers marathon should be programmers can only participate in, “or you can do? Are you going to make things come.” They were true, because the project plan is very clear, is to project the on-line stage, the main work of the present stage is programming.

In North America, high quality hackathons may be more. The history of the development of Internet and computer, hackers – Silicon Valley – venture capital is closely linked. The atmosphere is relatively conservative in venture capital. Zeroline it is a British VC, the Trio also graduated from Oxford and Cambridge, while the project portfolio is mostly in the United states. “The British venture did not America, they are not very love adventure, but the success rate will be higher. Sino US venture projects most of them are dead, but the British entrepreneurs will be more robust.” Josef Hazi said.

Distributed Capital Partners Wang Liming’s view is similar, but he observed recently in some parts of Western Europe are on the rise, such as Germany, Sweden, Berlin, gathered a large number of geeks. He said that the distributed portfolio is 1/3 is the United States and Western Europe is 1/4.

The hackers did not come into contact with the block chain, it seems there are some benefits in him: “before I heard a lot of people blockchain is probably because ICO the stigma of the concept, but if they heard the ICO concept of cooling today, maybe they can see this technique from the angle of application. Moreover, because of this they need to hold so much and block chain related hackathons. In a hacker marathon out big idea is unlikely, but can let more people know the blockchain, contestants in mind to leave some seeds.”

Why would they want to meet new friends and dinner.

For capital and projects, Hackathon is a brand of ecological culture or way; for hackers, what is Hackathon?

“A meal ah!” Two years in Mr.Li more than 10 Hackathon on the mouth said don’t care the body is very honest, after supper he put on the headset, continuous work until dawn, put him in that part of the code is written.

“Hackathon is sometimes very interesting, and always have a lot to eat.” Nearly a year in the 5 Hackathon Thai Amazon Engineer Chai, it is Hackathon to eat into his own so fat?

“This is a practice and training of professional skills.” Fred the answer is very hard, but there are a lot of coder identity. “It allows you to focus on one thing you may not normally do.” This is a bit like a “brain”, the more routine work after all, may need to jump out to see.

“Why is that funny? You know a lot of new people, and learned a lot of new things.” Pull over by Daniel programmers little brother for the first time in the Hackathon, it is love, ready for the next weekend in a.

Have you noticed it? This is clearly a programmer on social networking sites, and single Hackathon good?

Paul like this with the recruitment of ideas is relatively rare, but after a year in 7, how may not love. They see the computer cover, I was sure of it: at the end of the Mr.Li to find a sticker, ask them to the team, another 3 programmers have showed their computer cover, all kinds of stickers are all above hackathon. Is this the world travel collection this chapter programmers?!

 In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

This group of Hackathon specialist is my audience with the longest time, the relationship between the best team. The end Hackathon, I want a group of programmers and Angela WeChat, Instagram or Telegram (say you know a foreign friend isn’t easy, gram). Brandon and Paul also invited me to rub their car and go back to London, I eat lunch together (but I wanted to go to Harry Potter in the afternoon to visit the Church Christ view, 200 yuan missed the train tickets.).

 In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

(Christ Church, this picture is a real find online, too many people……)

Very happy to get along with them, Mr.Li also helped the taxi back to the hotel I have no cash. According to my colleague Qi Ming said, India hacker very outgoing, have taken the initiative to seduce her. This is unlike the programmers common people, British programmers overall is very mensao. If I silently beside, I believe there will be a programmer would notice me (for example in the group to sit farthest Marcus brother, until finally know my name……). But once in the state, they really love say love to play.

 In the Oxford underground with a group of programmers overnight is what kind of experience?

Open the self timer mode four programmer (left Brandon)

Do not forget to leave before Brandon told me: “if there are reports of my photos, remember to take a little too handsome oh!”

(the squadron name is purely blind I changed, will not be identical.)

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