Indiana mountain become America’s first school accept bitcoin

Indiana mountain become America’s first school accept bitcoin

Connecticut is located in Lakeville coeducational boarding school in Indiana mountain middle school (IMS) has announced that it will accept bitcoin payment for the school to raise money.

The students’ parents and other supporters can through the school’s official website will bitcoin payments to schools. Financial executives donate bitcoin through the official website can contact the school. The school became the first school to accept bitcoin. The school is to make this decision in the bitcoin enterprise GoCoin and Bitcoin Shop with the help of the. The school official said, will be a part of the digital campus is also the introduction of money education innovation.

“We encourage students to develop innovative test” in the safety and benefits of environment, Mark A. Devey said. “We are very pleased to see our alumni Charles Allen has achieved success in the field of digital currency. The forward-looking thinking will help the school alumni through digital currency this innovative ways to enable teachers and students to benefit.”

Bitcoin Shop CEO Charles Allen said: “As education system innovation leader, Indiana hill middle school is moving in the right direction. We believe that this decision can not only help students parents and other supporters of the school, will be the next generation to broaden their horizons and influence their understanding of the future.”

Donors can give the donation to the school through the digital currency payment service provider GoCoin. “Understanding of digital currency is the best active use of it. Now, Indiana middle school students and parents can experience such a new technology, GoCoin co-founder and CEO Steve Beauregard said.

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