Infinity Airways began accepting bitcoin and ether payments

nRunaway Comment: Airline Surf Air, established in 2011, first of all with fully affiliate airline services covering parts of the United States and parts of Europe, to provide quality services to business people. To continue implementing the philosophy of transforming the airline industry, the company recently announced that it will work with Coinbase, the payment side, to allow members to pay for their products via Bitcoin and Ether, providing more efficient service to their members.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Late last week, Surf Air, a regional airline, announced that its monthly fee membership and charter services will support bitcoin and ether payment.n
Unlimited Fly private carriers will allow users to pay for their mobile app in any cryptocurrency. Company services cover California, Texas and some European cities.n
Companies allow members to pay a monthly fee, you can fly an unlimited number of times. Pre-screening passengers with background checks approved by the government. So passengers do not need to wait for security.n
The company works with Coinbase, the payment side, to accept cryptocurrencies. Chief Executive Sudhin Shahani said accepting bitcoin and ether is part of a change in aviation services.n
n”From the very beginning digital currency was our concern and we are pleased to offer another fast and seamless business model to our members and Surf Air.”n
nAirlines, especially small regional companies, are no strangers to the cryptocurrency space and some have been paid for bitcoin for years. In fact, the aviation industry has also begun to explore blockchain applications, including areas such as maintenance tracking and ticketing.n

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