Infosys subsidiary will be the sales platform into the block chain applications

nnnAccording to the Indian IT giant Infosys filed this month to the SEC file, its subsidiary EdgeVerve Systems is expanding its own block chain use case, the block chain network and Infosys sales platform TradeEdge combination. While it is unclear whether this integration will be successful, but the relevant person in charge stressed that this will bring many benefits for the transaction, to provide customers with better service.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nEdgeVerve Systems, a subsidiary of Indian IT giant Infosys, is promoting its block chain plan to create new revenue streams.n
nThe company filed a document with the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this month detailing the July 14 earnings conference call and Infosys’ work on the block chain through EdgeVerve. EdgeVerve first announced its block-chain plan in April 2016, where it has launched a block-chain service platform focused on cross-border remittances.n
nNow, EdgeVerve is expanding its first use case, hoping to apply the technology to the global sales platform it operates on. The company is combining the technology with TradeEdge, which was launched in 2013.n
nThe company said in a filing with the SEC:n
nn”Our TradeEdge network now has more than 2,000 partners, dealing with about 3 billion transactions per month, and we are integrating the chain-chain network with the TradeEdge network to provide customers with significant profit opportunities.”n
nnAs to how the consolidation will remain to be seen. However, Rajashekara Maiya, vice president of EdgeVerve, said that security was one of its main highlights when it was recently interviewed by Quartz.n
nMaiya told the media:n
nn”The use of block chains will make the transaction safe, unbreakable and transparent, it eliminates the middleman, provides real – time online transactions, and safeguards data security.n

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