Innovate UK offers a £ 15 million resource development zone chain solution

nnnIn the past, Innovate UK seeks to develop a digital health-based solution based on a chain-based solution by setting up a £ 8 million to start-up companies involved in health care projects in the form of competitions. Prior to this, the agency has also through the form of competition to the distributed classification of capital technology start-up enterprises awarded up to 15 million pounds of funds for the classification of classified books project development. It is reported that the competition will be held from July 31st to October 11, 2017.n
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nInnovate UK, a UK government agency, is soliciting applications for block-chain start-up companies to develop digital health-based solutions based on block-based chains. The non-departmental agency said in its announcement in late July 2017 that it would grant up to £ 8 million ($ 1.05 billion) to start-up companies involved in health care projects.n
nAnnouncement wrote:n
nn”We will fund the types of digital medical programs that include, but are not limited to, emerging digital medical technologies with significant medical benefits such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, enhancement of reality, block chains and networking.”n
nnInnovate UK Head of Advanced Therapy Mike Sullivan will share the tournament on July 31th.n
nnDigital Health Technology Catalyst First Round – 1st @innovateuk ISCF Contest Focused on Healthcare will be held on July 31 pic.twitter. com / p3udCWNthIn
n- Mike Sullivan (@Innovate_Mike) July 26, 2017n
nInnovate UK earlier projectn
nThe agency has also funded other block-based projects over the past few years. In April 2016, the agency awarded £ 248,000 to the start-up company Tramonex for the development of a cross-border payment tool based on a block chain using a digital currency etherfloor.n
nAt the time of the interview, Amram Berraoui, co-founder and CEO of Tramonex, said they would use the funds to improve their cross-border chain-chain tools.n
nn”Our prototype is quite advanced; more is looking for different ways to deal with this technology and then develop business customers.”n
nnUnder the funding agreement, the prototype will be submitted to the Financial Supervisory Authority (FCA) and other pending institutions for approval.n
nIn September 2016, Innovate UK launched a competition focused on distributed books to award up to £ 15 million to the company for research and development (R u0026 D) of distributed ledger projects.n
nIn promoting this initiative, the agency announced its aim to “encourage new products, new processes and new services in the future”, making Britain a few countries that truly support the chain of chains and its potential in government and public services Then
nAt the same time, the new funding competition will take place from 31 July to 11 October 2017.n

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