Intel sees the “blockchain mining” role in gene sequencing

nRunaway Comment: Intel filed a patent application last year, gene sequencing through blockchain mining, the results were verified and recorded into the block, as the basis for the next block. And using workload proof algorithms that can make hackers impossible to attack. At the same time this algorithm can not only generate the block, but also determine the gene sequence. Can be said to be more efficient use of energy consumed by mining.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Intel’s new patent application shows that the tech giant is sequencing genetic data in search of energy consumed in mining cryptocurrencies.n
The filing date for the first patent application is June 2016, when the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued an application Thursday, with investors Ned Smith and Rajesh Poornachandran describing a computer “sequence mining platform” (SMP) , Can recognize DNA or RNA sequence or base.n
A base is a molecule that makes up DNA and RNA and contains genetic information for each organism. The sequence of these bases determines the physical characteristics of a person, plant or animal.n
The application mentions that SMP will use a nucleotide sequencing facility to determine the base sequence in a particular sample, validate it through blockchain, and store it permanently.n
Application said:n
nThe current document describes methods and devices for performing additional efficient work in conjunction with blockchain mining, and in particular, as described in detail later, which utilize data processing capabilities of the data processing system to determine the sequence of bases in the nucleic acid, These sequences are based on a block-chain new block workload proof. “n
nThe combination of blockchain technology and gene sequencing is not the first of its kind, and cryptocurrency programs such as genecoin emphasize the energy-intensive mining process where new deals join the blockchain while creating new tokens as rewards for scientific purposes.n
Intel’s application shows that the POW algorithm “makes it impractical for an individual or group of attackers to spoil or control a blockchain.”n
However, unlike the POW system used by bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain, Intel’s design mentions multifunctionality as it can bring in new blocks and instantly determine gene sequences based on the data obtained.n
The POW algorithm can be used to identify sequences and verify that the sequence is recorded in the blockchain and can serve as the basis for the POW issue for the next block.n

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