Intel’s new patent, let bitcoin mining energy consumption reduced by 15%

According to Coindesk reported in November 30th, the global technology giant Intel has received a patent related with encryption currency mining field.


This week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Intel a patent, the patent describes a “bitcoin energy efficient, high performance mining of the processor, the processor will be especially used for mining algorithm SHA-256, the world’s largest market capitalization of encryption currency.


It is reported that Intel had worked in the mining areas to seek patent related encryption currency. Moreover, Intel OEM factory 21 Inc has been engaged in the production of mining chip related business, 21 Inc later renamed, and eventually acquired by Coinbase.

According to the overview of the patent documents, the bitcoin network of miners are rewarded by solving a series of mathematical problems. However, the bitcoin network machine such as usually need special integrated circuit (ASIC) hardware accelerator like this, so it will consume a large amount of energy.

In addition, 32-bit nounce (string used at the time of the transaction) use more dependent on the hardware accelerator. The ASIC has the redundancy in multiple stages of processing of these transactions.

As the patent explains:

For bitcoin mining ASIC is used to implement multiple SHA-256 engine, the engine may provide thousands of hash operations per second, and more than 200 watts of electricity consumption. The implementation of the new patent will use micro architecture optimization, including in bitcoin mining in the calculation of some parameters of the hard line selection technology.

The patent document said on these parameters by hard line technology will reduce the amount of calculation and its required, is expected this system will reduce the chip power required to 15%. And this chip will also be smaller than the conventional chip currently used bitcoin miners size.


The patent also implied that the effectiveness of 32-bit nounce changes could further reduce power requirements.

The patent wrote

Bitcoin mining application will determine the final hash results will be a leading zero minimum, rather than the hash results compared with a target value.

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