Intercontinental Exchange introduced cryptocurrency data feed

nBankruptcy comment: Given the large number of cryptocurrencies around the world, in order to make investors better understand the pricing information and market performance of different exchanges, the United States Intercontinental Exchange has now reached a strategic partnership with Blockstream startup Blockstream, will together Launched data feed on cryptocurrencies. This move also seems to mean that traditional financial institutions are increasingly focusing on meeting the needs of cryptocurrency investors and thus ensuring their attractiveness to these clients.n
nTranslation: Inan
The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) parent, the American Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), is working with blockchain startup Blockstream to launch a new cryptocurrency-based data feed.n
According to a January 18 press release, ICE Data Services’ feeds will show real-time data from at least 15 crypto-currency exchanges worldwide, including the price and order data for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.n
This encrypted currency data feed will provide price information in USD and other major currencies and Blockstream will collect and format data to help investors more easily track performance in different markets.n
Lynn Martin, president and chief operating officer at ICE Data Services, said in a statement:n
n”Given the variety of cryptocurrencies and exchanges that currently exist and the different price variations between exchanges, it is critical for investors to have a comprehensive source of pricing information and we are excited to partner with Blockstream for its commitment To bring agency-level data to the market, we look forward to continuing to expand this feeder service and further our strategic relationship with Blockstream. “n
nBlockstream will be responsible for collecting data from different exchanges and presenting the data in a way that shows the current data flow on the stock exchange. These data information will include real-time price data as well as historical pricing.n

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