“Interface” post Nissan chairman Ghosn suspicion of financial misconduct was bitcoin below $5000

Development and Reform Commission and other five ministries issued a document to encourage insurance trust and other financial institutions involved in market debt

In November 19th, the national development and Reform Commission, people’s Bank, the Ministry of Finance and the Bank Insurance Regulatory Commission, Securities Regulatory Commission jointly issued the “notice” to encourage the relevant agencies involved in the market swaps, encourage insurance, banks, trusts, private equity and other financial institutions to carry out debt to equity swap market.

The State Administration of Taxation issued the “Circular on the implementation of further support and service of private economic development of a number of measures”

The State Administration of Taxation issued the “Circular on the implementation of further support and service of private economic development of a number of measures”. Notice of proposed to interest income and guarantee institutions according to the law enforcement Small and micro businesses are exempt from value-added tax and small profit corporate income tax, financial institutions to Small and micro businesses to provide loans to provide credit guarantee shall be exempted from income tax and other major benefit private enterprises preferential policies for small and medium-sized enterprises, continue to intensify efforts to implement the policy. To ensure that the private enterprises are entitled to enjoy.

A new batch of opening project in Shanghai FTA test area, the first wholly foreign-owned performance brokerage company formally established

“China (Shanghai) free trade zone to expand the conference signing and key enterprise service work mechanism of the open action items held in Pudong 19. At the meeting, 12 liberalization measures to expand the project with Shanghai from the area of trade test area sign.

Reporters learned that the 12 projects have a number of highlights, expand the representative open areas of the project, such as the first wholly foreign-owned performance agencies, the first Sino foreign joint venture projects Sindh foreshore aircraft manufacturing project in Russia international commercial aircraft; in addition, the world’s largest foreign exchange company of precision radiation therapy equipment, Travelex global leading medical enterprise as the leading global semiconductor company, Infineon headquarters project will be located in Shanghai FTA test area.

Nissan chairman Ghosn alleged financial misconduct was arrested in Japan

According to the Reuters news, Nissan chairman Ghosn (Carlos Ghosn) was arrested Monday on suspicion of financial misconduct, this week will be expelled from the members of the board of directors. Investigation shows, Ghosn and Kelly in the past few years through the Tokyo stock exchange disclosure of personal income is lower than the actual amount of income. Two people suspected of tampering with financial documents, in order to reduce the amount of revenue to the public disclosure of Carlos Genn. In addition, Ghosn also has a number of major appropriate behavior, such as the company’s assets for his own use.

[exclusive] PetroChina Pipeline about ten units moved to the same office or for the preparation of national pipeline company to prepare

Chinese Petroleum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as oil) internal reform is brewing a new round of oil and gas pipeline plate.

“Since mid September, PetroChina has about ten units moved to the same office, in the field of oil and gas transportation pipeline related units.” A close to the oil source told the interface news reporters, the new office for the oil pipeline transport company related to rent, in the past, group headquarters and other areas of Beijing office, will be moved to the office here.

[exclusive] thaihot 2018 “fresh cut seedlings students”

The Real Estate Company layoffs continues, Fujian Department of housing prices will cut the thaihot target on the entry near 18 “He Miaosheng”.

There is a message to the interface news that the CAC 2018 “seedlings” about the size of about 400 people, the country has laid off more than 100 people, and the interface of news into a “He Miaosheng” activist group, the number of 80 people, including a number of departments, finance, investment, operation cost, engineering design, etc..

Wang Xiaowei served as party secretary and chairman of Moutai sales company

11 month 19 days, Kweichow Moutai Wine Sales Co. Ltd. held a staff meeting, announced the appointment of Wang Xiaowei as chairman, Kweichow Moutai Wine Sales Co., Secretary of the committee, it was recommended to the directors, Moutai liquor sales company chairman and legal representative.

Encryption currency bitcoin fell below $5000

Encryption currency decline intensified, bitcoin fell below the $5000 mark for the first time since 2017 since October, because there is speculation that a regulatory scrutiny and will be prompted for the first time issued by the issuer of the liquidation of the hands of token encryption currency.

Bitcoin fell as low as $4958, down 9.1%, this is bitcoin eight consecutive trading day down, for this virtual currency came 10 years of continuous decline in the longest time. Other encryption currency decline, Ethernet currency fell 13%, Wright currency fell 14%.

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