Interim cooperation for the first time Primas and InkChain work together to layout the content industry


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According to the chain pencil ( to understand, is currently under way ICO Primas project will be fair exchange with the InkChain project token, the project did not disclose the number of specific exchange token, but said the two sides will be community to build Ecology.n

Primas and InkChain exchange token, is the chain of chain projects within the first coin cooperation, but also a mentality, pattern and vision of the embodiment. The chain of pencils was informed that the first collaboration in this industry was led by Bitshares co-founder, China’s largest chain of chain investment funds, “distributed capital” partner Shen Bo and well-known investors Xue Manzi contributed to the match. At present, the original team launched the Primas project was August 7 officially opened ICO, and InkChain’s private phase has ended, will be August 20 for ICO.n
nPrimas is an open content distribution, recommendation and trading ecosystem created by the original block chain core team. It is committed to changing the existing content market structure using block chains and other technical means to solve problems that are difficult to identify, disseminate and realize. The Through the center of the content traceability and screening mechanism, so that users access to high-quality content.n

nFor the copyright issue, Primas has established a complete DNA system and traceability mechanism, its core is the content of digital fingerprint recognition, through the cryptography and block chain technology, the creator of the works and certification time, author information, trusted timestamp Encrypt, generate a unique eight-digit code. Primas DNA ensures that the content can be traced back to the source even if it is partially tampered with; the smart contract implements automated authorization without human intervention; the presence proof based on the block chain technology also significantly reduces the cost of evidence collection.n
nInkChain, is the “paper your copyright” team as the core, for the large cultural industries of the autonomous block chain and cultural assets trading platform, and thus the construction of the distributed economic ecology. As an original public chain based on the improvement of the superblogging fabric standard, the ink chain will provide the original coin, and the function of the billing node is decoupled and has a fine granularity management mechanism. This set of new standards, which are closely integrated with the upstream and downstream institutions of the cultural industry, will give ink chic inkchain a high degree of trustworthiness, professionalism and authority.n

nOn the ground floor of the public chain, which has an absolute credibility, the ink chain will be oriented to the community on-line block chain service (BaaS) platform, enabling ink chain teams and industry application developers to easily implement the development of distributed applications DApp To build the entire industry of distributed economic ecology. At present, the ink chain team in the chain to create a native core application IP asset exchange, will be through the “paper expensive copyright” block chain copyright certificate service accumulated 5 million copyright data and 300,000 copies of copyright registration based on More massive, more quality, more active, more frequent IP capitalization and securitization investment transactions. Open and transparent to explore high-quality works, broaden the channel to achieve a better combination of funds and IP, so that the original author earlier benefit, and return on the return of investors, reshape the original content value chain.n
nOn this cooperation, the two sides agreed that the Chinese cultural industry needs to be a breakthrough and innovation, block chain can provide technical assistance, while the government’s policy tilt, the market early imagination is very large. But also around the three major aspects of the cultural industry: content, traceability and realization, Primas and ink chain InkChain also exists between the natural combination of points.n
nIn addition, Primas project positioning is the underlying to create a distributed content agreement, the upper layer to create a center of today’s headlines, to provide users with high-quality content services. The ink chain InkChain positioning is to look at the entire large cultural industry, based on the original public chain as the bottom, the introduction of chain chain copyright registration, IP asset exchange and other native applications, through the “cultural technology finance” a new model, with open The structure, to create a large cultural industry, distributed economic ecology.n
nPrimas and ink chain InkChain two content industry ICO project, the direction of their strengths, the momentum of the show, choose each other arrived in front of the line, will jointly have more diversified development ideas, greater business value, broader growth space.n
nI believe that through the combination of strong and powerful together, Primas and ink chain InkChain to work together around the big cultural ecology, hand in hand from the content industry transformation of the overall situation.n
nScan the following two-dimensional code, pay attention to InkChain official public number, learn more information.n

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