Internet cafe computer into bitcoin mining machine, the profit of 17 million, the boss angry looking for media exposure

Introduction: the Internet computer into bitcoin mining machine, the profit of 170 thousand, the boss angry looking for media exposure

For home computer people, everyone must have experienced computer Trojan virus implanted over pain, the Trojan virus not only steal our private information, and directly to the computer’s operating system into a state of collapse. Now in the age of Internet virtual money, an Internet cafe in Zhejiang Hangzhou is something a fantastic thing, the Trojan virus to break through layers of computer security defense system, into the cafe all computer, but this person is not implanted Trojan to steal the user’s personal information, whether it is what is the matter?

The cafe owner Mr. Zhang in the computer was found after the implantation of the virus, very angry, immediately found the media exposure. According to Mr. Zhang’s description of their Internet cafes on weekdays a month of electricity is ten thousand to twelve thousand, but in the summer, he found himself suddenly accelerated the computer It is without rhyme or reason. is also more and more high temperature, heat, electricity than usual go up to half times more than this, Mr. Zhang he said this is the first time to see.

Computer running too fast at the same time, the operating system is also more and more many Internet cafes are to customers because of computer problems Caton no longer here, Mr. Zhang helpless, only to find a friend to help IT engineers to look at. The other suddenly told him that the computer is being implanted Trojan. This time Mr. Zhang rushed to the police, Hangzhou city police also arrived at the scene to investigate, and finally determine the Mr. Zhang’s computer is implanted “mining” virus.

Internet cafes because of large power consumption and twenty-four hours are uninterrupted electricity, so criminals use this point to all computer Internet cafes are implanted in the “mining” virus, and then use the third party cloud computer “mining” in the background, and then the third party according to the company’s force is given implantation certain into. “Cross mill” by burn graphics mode, large power consumption, as mining continues, the temperature will rise, the graphics card fan speed increases.

With the increasing media exposure, the police began to investigate, according to the investigation, the police locked a criminal gang, 3 suspects headed together with them in the territory of Zhejiang Province, more than 160 Internet cafes illegal mining implanted trojan. The Hangzhou local 115, the computer number of more than 5000 Taiwan, in addition, the Gang also inter provincial crime.

It is worth noting that the police found another identity of the 3 suspects, Fang Weixiu turned out to be third service for Internet cafes staff, they are under the guise of maintenance, secretly into the computer implanted Trojan hacking. At present, the use of network crime gang police have been destroyed in one fell swoop, the case is still under further investigation. For that matter, what do you think? Welcome to comment in the message.

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