Internet security company found North Korea University secret mining

nBuzz comments: Network security company AlienVault recently released a report saying it found a software that could dig Monroe will send all the coins to North Korea’s Kim Il Sung University server. Earlier there has been some North Korean interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the company’s findings may indicate that the university is mining secrets. Encryption of money may help North Korea to bypass economic sanctions for foreign exchange, so gaining its favor is not surprising.n
nTranslation: Inan
One cybersecurity company said it found a software that appeared to have installed code to mine cryptocurrencies and send the dug money to a North Korean university server. This is the latest sign that North Korea may be seeking new ways of injecting money for economic development.n
The application was created on December 24, using the host to Monero. According to AlienVault, a cyber-security company who discovered the process, the program sends all the coins to Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang.n

January 8, 2018 Monero’s cryptocurrency logo can be seen in this illustration photo.n
The security company in California, USA, said in a press release:n
n”Cryptocurrencies may be able to provide financial aid to countries severely hit by sanctions, so Pyongyang’s universities have shown a clear interest in cryptocurrencies, which may be the latest product they are trying to develop.”n
nThe company also warned that a North Korean server used by the code does not appear to be connected to the wider Internet, which could mean that it also aims to induce observers to establish a connection with North Korea. Kim Il-sung University students and teachers not only Koreans, as well as foreigners.n
Kim Il Sung University did not make an immediate response to this. North Korea’s UN representative can not comment immediately on the issue.n
Others say there is growing evidence that North Korea is interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.n
Mun Chong-hyun, principal analyst at ESTsecurity, a Korean cybersecurity company, said:n
n”Because of the economic sanctions, cryptocurrencies are currently the best way for North Korea to secure foreign exchange, which is difficult to track and may be changed several times.”n
nWith more than $ 7 billion in value, Monroe is the 13th-largest crypto-asset in the world, and according to crypto-currency observers, the technical details of the currency make it more attractive to Bitcoin-loyalists than privacy-conscious ones.n
Monroe randomly generates an unlinkable one-time address for each payment. Internet security experts say it makes it harder to track than bitcoin, and Bitcoin transactions can be linked to specific but anonymous private addresses.n
Bithumb in South Korea is the world’s busiest cryptocurrency exchange and the largest Monroe exchange in the world, accounting for about 24% of the total volume of transactions. Followed by the European Exchange HitBTC and Bitfinex in Hong Kong.n
In a November blog post, FireEye, a cyber-security company, mentioned a series of North Korea’s activities targeting South Korea’s cryptocurrencies (such as exchanges). Analyst Luke McNamara wrote:n
n”It is not surprising that it has become North Korea’s interest to encrypt money as a new asset class.”n
nIn early November, Federico Tenga, co-founder of bitcoin startup Chainside, uploaded a photo of his talk on bitcoin and blockchain technology when he visited Pyongyang University of Technology via his Twitter account.n
A spokesman for the university said:n
n”These lectures introduce some basics that give us a general idea of ​​blockchain technology that is also closely linked to trade, supply chains, and other e-commerce.”n
nThe spokesman added:n
n”We believe that this knowledge can provide North Korean professionals of the new generation with more concepts that may help them explore how to develop their own country.”n
nTenga said his talk is aimed at explaining the basic techniques of cryptocurrency.n
He told us through a few pieces of information:n
n”The talk focused on getting students to know what the blockchain is, how it works (especially the proof of workload) and the main use cases, and my aim is to spread technical knowledge rather than advise them on how to use it.”n
nAccording to AlienVault’s report, the “” North Korean IP address has been active on bitcoin trading websites. According to security firm AhnLab, this is the address North Korea used to control its damaged Web server when it launched cyber-attacks on South Korea’s energy, transport, telecommunications, broadcasting, financial and political institutions in 2014-2015.n
The report also found that the North Korean IP address also downloaded several documentaries about several of the car variety “Top Gear” and the pre-show host James May.n

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