Interview with Distributed Capital Sinking: ICO is an exploration of the Digital New World, a portfolio disclosure


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This year, ICO in the chain area of ​​venture capital far more than the traditional VC, according to the financial research firm Autonomous released the latest report shows that ICO has raised nearly 1.3 billion US dollars, and showed a rising trend year by year.n
nAccording to statistics, in 2014 ICO financing amounted to 26 million US dollars, reaching 14 million US dollars in 2015, last year reached 222 million US dollars. As of mid-July this year, the token issue has been 56, the total financing amount reached 1.27 billion US dollars.n
nNumerous investment opportunities began to attract professional investment institutions to join. In fact, foreign investment institutions have already joined the layout, such as Blockchain Capital ICO way to raise funds, and then invest in ICO project, in addition, another venture capital fund Polychain capital will raise 10 million US dollars, focusing on ICO And tokens.n
nAs China’s largest venture capital fund focused on the chain chain, distributed capital also entered this area this year to support ICO projects. So, why do you choose to invest in ICO projects, what kind of investment philosophy, what projects have been voted, for these issues, we distributed capital partner Mr. Shen Bo conducted an exclusive interview.n
nQ: What about the nature and current situation of ICO?n
Shen Bo: First of all, the essence of ICO is the chain of software on the right to use the pre-sale, is an important part of distributed business, the philosophy behind it is the colony of wisdom.n

In more than 20 years ago to predict the digital currency prophet Kevin Kelly, in his book “out of control” which has referred to the colony of wisdom, with adaptability, evolution, flexibility, innovation and other advantages.n

Second, ICO is the core of the community economy, which makes the open source community for the first time to get the endogenous incentive mechanism, simply speaking, is “playing code farmers”, with economic means to encourage innovation.n

Community innovation force can not be ignored, Bitcoin, ether square, Stella, Bitshares and other basic chain are derived from the community. In the future, the innovation of the block chain may also originate from the community, such as the upcoming EOS, the wave card chain and so on.n

Of course, since it is a new thing will inevitably be twists and turns, the digital New World adventure has just begun, just like the big naval fleet will encounter storms, digital navigation era of scientific engineering experiments may also encounter twists and turns, but this Destined to be a brave adventure of human society.n
nnQ: as a VC fund, why choose to invest in ICO?n
Shen Bo: First of all, as a long-term focus on the block chain investment VC, we recognize that ICO in the chain area for the traditional VC equity investment approach has a subversive effect, while high-quality ICO project is the most innovative, If you do not invest in ICO may lose the opportunity to grow with the industry.n

Second, at present, most of the equity investment projects are alliance projects, and ICO projects are mostly public chain areas, we believe that both for the block chain is equally important, the future block chain is likely to be a combination of the two. Investing in ICO is also out of support for the development of public chains.n

At the same time, the chain chain industry in the early, long-term equity asset withdrawal cycle, and participate in ICO, investment tokens in a short period of time to obtain investment liquidity.n
nnQ: How can I assess the value of an ICO project?n
Shen Bo: We think that the assessment of an ICO project and the usual significance of the start-up similar but also differentiated, you can have the following several levels.n

First, the positioning and pattern of the project is very important, there must be a broad market and clear goals, such as we believe that the exchange, forecast the market, distributed storage, etc. are broad track.n

Second, the project has not found the pain of the existing model, for these pain points, there is no innovative solution.n

Third, the founding team’s reputation and background, how it has the technology, products, business development capabilities and resources at what level, which determines the project’s ultimate realization and landing possibilities.n

Fourth, the logic of community governance, information disclosure, there is no perfect internal control system, such as the formation of non-profit foundations, and accounting, law firm cooperation.n

Fifth, the case of the sale of coins, there is no excessive sale of coins, the coin pattern can not guarantee the stability of the team (such as the team’s own token lock situation), there is no balance of the community spirit of investors and speculative nature of the investors Then
nnQ: What kind of resources does distributed capital allocate in the ICO field?n
Shen Bo: Distributed capital supports an ICO ecosystem that is designed to provide a full range of services for ICO projects.n

Investment, distributed capital as an investment agency, to support the ICO team funds, as of now has supported five ICO projects.n

Platform level, we have invested ICO circle platform ICOAGE, on the one hand counseling ICO project, on the one hand for retail investors to provide ICO investment channels. At present, ICOAGE has been working with PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the four largest accounting firms, to promote the operation of compliance.n

At the exchange level, we are supporting a distributed digital asset exchange that provides secure liquidity support for digital assets.n

At the media level, we have invested in a chain pencil, providing press releases, creating and maintaining the investor community, online and offline roadshow activities, and ICO posting information releases.n
nnQ: What are the current ICO projects for distributed investments?n
Shen Bo: Up to now, we have invested in five ICO projects, mainly in the forecast market, distributed storage, content distribution, exchanges and other areas, these areas are large enough, the same field in foreign countries are also compared Mature standard items.n
nnWe will review the details of the project as follows:n

nCYBEX is a distributed trading system platform based on the graphene block chain, which is supported by the EOS team. The future will be built on the EOS ecosystem, which can carry any type of digital assets, open, transparent and tamper-resistant transactions Then
nAt the team level, the CYBEX team is led by Mr. Gong Ming, who is known as the “Prince of the House”, and has many years of IT and financial background. He has a number of works such as “Digital Currency”, “Block Chain – New Economic Blueprint” Professional new media “block chain pencil”.n
nTechnical level, high-performance graphene engine will be able to provide a good user experience, and provide a stable digital currency mechanism can greatly reduce the threshold of ordinary participants, directly with the French dollar currency trading.n
nAsset level, the well-known ICO platform ICOAGE will be hundreds of millions of dollars of IOU assets directly into the CYBEX system to enhance the platform activity. The project has been fully involved in the initial phase, and gathered a lot of resources and users.n
nThe project was started on July 26th ICO.n

nDelphy is a mobile social market forecasting platform based on the ethertop Square, which uses Augur, Gnosis for predictive applications on the beta. Project founder Wang Xin, co-founder of the original Factom, holds a bachelor’s degree in information management from Peking University and a master’s degree in economics from the University of Michigan.n
nCompared with the centralized forecasting market, the distributed forecasting market has the advantages of self-certification and innate, large scale of the user, and automatic execution contract. At the same time, Delphy uses LMSR

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