Investment bank affiliates try to issue stocks in the chain

nnnRush: LuxSE subsidiary Fundsquare, KPMG Luxembourg office and software developer InTech to develop FundsDLT block chain platform, the French French enterprise investment bank Natixis owned asset management company through the platform to issue shares, the user through the mobile app to submit subscription orders, Perform a subsequent operation on the block chain. The associated block chain nodes are run by Natixis and other parties.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe French corporate investment bank Natixis owned the stock to investors through a chain-chain platform supported by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE, Luxembourg Stock Exchange).n
nNatixis Asset Management distributes an unknown number of shares through the Fundsquare, a subsidiary of the LuxSE subsidiary, Fundsquare, KPMG’s Luxembourg office and software developer InTech.n
nParticipating companies pointed out that the platform uses block chain technology to achieve and simplify the securities sales. In this process, the potential buyer submits a stock subscription order via the mobile app, which is transferred to the internal block chain of the FundsDLT platform for processing. Natixis and other parties are responsible for running the relevant nodes.n
nNatixis CEO Matthieu Duncan said:n
nn”Natixis Asset Management is pleased to be involved in the first block-based chain transaction through the FundsDLT platform, and we believe that the chain chain technology has a great potential to improve the allocation mechanism in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčasset management.”n
nnThe project may be the most important of Natixis so far, the agency is a member of the R3 Distributed Books Union, and is one of the members of $ 107 million in financing at the beginning of the year.n
nThe investment bank also participated in a number of private sector block chain tests involving oil trade and ship financing.n

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