Investment Funds use Ethereum Ecology

nBankruptcy comment: Canadian investment fund OMERS set up Ethereum Capital, through the warrants financing, and through Movit Media Corp. reverse mergers to complete the listing, the company name will be retained. The company was founded as a business and investment hub for Ethereum’s ecology. Corporate advisors are celebrities in blockchain technology and investment, and they all think the potential of Ethereum is far from being realized.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
One of Canada’s largest investment funds hopes to harness the power of Ethereum.n
To this end, Ethereum Capital was formed, mainly to create OMERS, a Canadian investment group; the company will raise $ 50 million and plans to take the reverse takeover process. After the financing is completed on February 16, it will invest in Ether and blockchain startups.n
The ultimate goal is to become “a hub of Ethereum’s eclectic business and investment,” for which companies will buy controlling stake in tokens based on Ethereum.n
The company explained that in order to meet the funding target, it will sell two million warrants for $ 2.5.n
Once the target is met, the company’s Ethereum Shares per share will be replaced by shares of Movit Media Corp., which acquires Ethereum Capital but retains the name.n
The consultants for the new company include traditional investors and representatives from blockchain startups, including Liam Horne, a L4 Ventures member at Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, who becomes a member of the Ethereum Capital committee.n
Joey Krug, director of Ethereum Capital and co-founder of de-centralized forecast firm Augur, said most of Ethereum’s potential has not been explored.n
n”The Ethereum Network is just beginning to show its potential to create more and more transactions and applications, almost daily, and I believe it has the potential to revolutionize many of the existing industries, and I am happy to be able to mentor Ethereum Capital as the company can leverage strategic acquisitions The most promising company. “n

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