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nnnWakay commentary: mobile social media applications Kik and other ICO, was some doubts. But the project is still winning the favor of investors, because he has a strong team of professional and technical experts, the use of a variety of new technology interaction, to provide consumers with value proposition, advanced technical skills and a strong management structure. Its architectural model and economic incentives are different.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nIf anybody doubts whether Kik can attract investors to ICO, it is now possible to eliminate this concern.n
nThe mobile operator app said in a statement that it had received $ 50 million in investment for the release of “kin” tokens and plans to raise another $ 75 million in September’s open tokens.n
nThis is an iconic event in the emerging industry. The mainstream brands of millions of users support new financing mechanisms, a coveted and funny financing mechanism.n
nWhile ICO and Kik critics still exist, investors believe that the kin tokens will push the company’s value and invest millions of dollars to support the company’s creativity.n
nTherefore, potential investors may guess how Kik intends to use the new tokens to achieve the profitability of the platform.n
nKik Special Project Manager Tanner Philp describes how the company will make kin a successful universal currency.n
nOn the specific details, Philp’s answer is quite a few accidents:n
nn”One of the areas of recent opportunities is the design of more than 100,000 robotic program developers with more than 180,000 robots that can be used for entertainment to content creation and then to all areas of the game.”n
nDesign the robotn
nRobots are mainly automatic chat robots, allowing users and artificial intelligence for natural language communication, these artificial intelligence to perform specific tasks, such as access to weather forecasts or pizza.n
nThese high-tech tools are often considered to be targeted to the user advertising, especially for young people advertising, this group is Kik main user base.n
nFor example, the company and Paramount Pictures (Paramount Pictures) joint use of the company platform development of the robot for internal research case. The purpose of this robot is to promote the upcoming release of the Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Kik information shows that the publicity last carried out 147.5 million ad delivery, the average exchange of 60 information.n
nFuture Kik predicts the use of encrypted currency to motivate robot development and user interaction, which can further facilitate such activities.n
nBut the company’s profit plan will not stop the robot: Kik next step will be more ambitious.n
n”Kin Rewards Engine” economic incentives in the planning, the purpose is to allow any consumer application on the Kik platform to provide end-users with operational incentives.n
nKim said that some functions may be implemented, such as paying with kin, watching live or rewarding end users who publish relevant content. Philp said, “We see kin successful integration, become a bilateral market, users can make money and consumption at the same time.”n
nAttract investorsn
nSimilarly, Ryan Zurrer, director of Polychain Capital, said that he was optimistic about his investment in Kik.n
nPolychain believes that social media based on encrypted money will be an important block-chain technology use case, and Zurrer believes Kik will first attract a large number of young technology users to profit from it.n
nHe said that Kik has more than 80 engineers, all over Ontario, Canada office, its large-scale technical talent groups can promote the development of the entire ecosystem.n
nZurrer argues that talent is important because the level of expansion of the ether-based block chain itself has not yet met the requirements of the Kik ecosystem for transaction processing. These inherent limitations mean that the kin team needs to develop core functionality to drive the development of the platform.n
nFinally, he said, Kik has a team of senior talent, know how to manage the products with technical challenges, while promoting the development of institutions.n
nZurrer Summary Polychain’s confidence in Kik:n
nn”This is the first time that we have to take into account all possible projects: to provide users with the best value proposition, advanced technical skills and a strong management structure.”n
n”Charming” changen
nLikewise, Dan Morehead, founder and CEO of Pantera Capital, sums up his confidence in Kik, calling it the first company to “truly trade the business model.”n
n”It was a great time for venture capital-backed companies to become coin-based companies.”n
nMorehead said that Kik has been running a virtual currency in the application for four years, that is, Kik Points, so the company already has experience with similar technology.n
nJoey Krug, co-chief investment officer at Pantera, describes some of the salient features that the company believes that kin is a high-value currency.n
n”Our core argument is that we do not like to rent as the goal of the transaction token, that is to say itself as a middleman and charge the tokens .Kin is a new incentive model.”n
nKrug says Kik creates new patterns around tokens ecosystems, and developers or content creators can earn kin pay on intellectual property that is created on this network.n
nn”If you are a developer, your application is popular, you can get some of the value. User original content is the same.If you create a very popular blog or image, you can get the form of kin tokens Part of the value of the work “.n
nnOn the other hand, it must be noted that Facebook has tried to motivate user interaction through the Facebook Credits project, and ultimately failed, the social media network is not worse than the facebook.n
nBut if the investor commented on what it means, we can be sure that Kik will not repeat the history.n

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