IOTA clarification did not formal cooperation with Microsoft, the price fell 15%

nRunaway Comment: IOTA previously announced its “Data Marketplace” project, Microsoft’s blockchain experts related comments mistakenly believe that the two companies have established a cooperative relationship, causing IOTA prices soared. However, IOTA has now issued a clarification statement, the price also fell. To a certain extent, this reflects one of the factors affecting the price trend in the cryptocurrency market.n
nTranslation: Inan
As of press time, the price of cryptocurrencies, IOTA, has plunged back to less than $ 4.20 per token, while it hit just over $ 5 yesterday, the highest transaction price for the day was $ 5.03. This phenomenon is due to IOTA recently clarified that the contact with Microsoft is not a formal partnership.n
The so-called “Internet of Things Cryptocurrency”, which failed to maintain its upward momentum earlier in the month, has been replaced by Litecoin and is now the fifth-largest virtual currency in global market capitalization.n
Litecoin and IOTA price movementsn
Litecoin, considered “silver” in the cryptocurrency market, echoed the title of “digital gold” in Bitcoin, trading nearly $ 4 billion over the past 24 hours. As of press time, this digital currency trading price of about 300 US dollars.n
In the meantime, IOTA traffic was slightly below $ 500 million over the same period, while prices fell 10%.n
Over 40% of IOTA transactions are conducted on the Bitfinex platform, one of the first major virtual currency exchange platforms to support the Internet of Things cryptocurrency.n
Other key IOTA trading platforms include Coinone, Korea’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange, trading in 12-14% of total transactions.n
After IOTA announced its Data Marketplace program, its price rose about 450% in just a week. Microsoft’s reaction misleading the IOTA to co-operate with them, IOTA prices hit a new high of 5.55 U.S. dollars on December 6.n

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